Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 541

Chapter 541 Her Character

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After Xuxu got in the car, Yan Rusheng came out not too long after.

The second Yan Rusheng got in, Xuxu inched near him. She asked, “What did she say?”

Yan Rusheng fastened his seatbelt. He answered, “It’s likely that we will have two new family members in our house soon.”

As she had expected, First Aunt had caved in. Xuxu replied softly with an ‘ oh ‘ and it was evident that she was upset with the outcome.

Yan Rusheng knew that Xuxu felt it was unfair to First Aunt. He explained, “First Uncle would like them to stay in our first before he searches for a new place to settle them in. But it depends on you since you’re the new female owner of the house.”

“Ha.” Xuxu laughed softly and brushed his words aside. “They should stay here. Grandmother had tried to protect First Aunt all these years and had forbidden First Uncle to meet his mistress and the children. After all, there are still Grandmother’s grandchildren, and I’m sure she would want to accept them into the family.”

Grandmother had always longed for a granddaughter. She had one, but she couldn’t openly acknowledge her.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t, but her conscience and her right upbringing prevented her so,

These years, the old lady had buried this matter deep in her heart and kept it a secret. She had wanted to protect First Aunt and First Uncle’s marriage and family.

How difficult it must be?

Yan Rusheng didn’t speak. He put his hands on the steering wheel, while his eyes were fixed on Xuxu, silently studying her expression. His gaze became more intense and deep.

“But we need to hire more helpers to assist Aunt Zhang. She won’t be able to cope, and her health is deteriorating…” Xuxu raised her head to look at Yan Rusheng, only to find out that he was gazing at her. She paused mid-way in her sentence and stammered. “Wh—what’s wrong?”

Why was he looking at her with such an expression?

She felt uncomfortable.

Yan Rusheng snapped out of his thoughts and curled his lips into a brief smile. He started the engine.

He knew that given the time, Wen Xuxu will definitely be as capable as Grandmother, perhaps even surpassing her one day.

Jiang Qinglian went back to C City with Yan Weiye on the same day.

Yan Rusheng came in with a glass of milk and saw Xuxu staring pensively outside of the window. He furrowed his eyebrows, and his expression became serious and worried.

He walked over and passed her the glass of milk. Then he hugged her tightly. “What’s on your mind?”

Xuxu retracted her gaze and peered at the glass of milk instead. She breathed deeply before speaking. “How sad do you think First Aunt had felt when she accepted the arrangement?”

“You’re still thinking about this?” Yan Rusheng bent his head and nestled his face into her hair and neck. After some time, he tapped her hand gently. “Don’t worry so much. Drink the milk and rest early.”

He knew that Wen Xuxu couldn’t understand the reason Jiang Qinglian had accepted the arrangement.

She was so aloof and prideful. If something like that happens, she would definitely leave without a second thought.

Jiang Zhuoheng went overseas for three years and she didn’t even look for him at all. This proved how headstrong and determined she was.

Xuxu walked to the bed with her glass and Yan Rusheng leaned against the windowpanes as he gazed at her. He studied the expression on her tiny face, and her eyes seemed to be shrouded with a layer of fog.

He realized that often, he couldn’t understand what was on her mind.

Like how she had given up the opportunity to study abroad because of Jiang Zhuoheng. Come to think of it; he really had no inkling on how she could have done that. She clearly had the chance to leave with him.

And with her character, she wasn’t the type who would give up such a rare opportunity and to give up on her dreams altogether, just to take a gamble and see if a man truly loves her.