Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 542

Chapter 542 So You're Really Married

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Xuxu was such a rational and level-headed person at all times. Why would she follow such a foolish method?

Did something happen to her that he was unaware of?

He wasn’t sure if the feeling was jealousy or something else, but he had always brooded over the fact that she had given up the opportunity to study abroad for her first love.

From the first awakening of love until now…

Wen Xuxu, your love for Jiang Zhuoheng was so deep.

“The two of you will stay here first. Your third brother and third sister-in-law are currently staying in this house. Both of you need to listen to them.”

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng could hear Yan Weiye’s voice the moment they stepped into the house.

“The two of you…”

Xuxu’s expression froze before recalling what Yan Rusheng had told her this morning. To her surprise, they were already in the house.

She bent down to retrieve her slippers and changed into them.

Yan Rusheng entered the house first, with Xuxu following closely behind.

“Third Yan is back.”

Yan Weiye saw Yan Rusheng, and he wore an awkward smile. He raised his hand and gestured to the people beside him. “They are Su Yue and Su Yan.

Then he pointed at Yan Rusheng and Xuxu as he introduced them to his children. “They are your third brother and third sister-in-law.”

Xuxu looked at the man who was wearing a white down shirt and a pair of black casual pants. The moment she recognized him, her jaw dropped with utmost shock.

How could such a coincidence happen in real life?

Why was her life so dramatic these days? It was just like those idol dramas?

“You…” Su Yan was shocked to see Xuxu as he pointed at her. His mouth was wide open, and he sputtered before breaking into a smile. “It’s you!”

His gorgeous face seemed to be quite childlike, especially when he smiled. His smile resembled bright and splendid sunshine.

He excitedly walked over to Xuxu and didn’t even notice Yan Rusheng at all.

“As I’ve said, I’ll definitely meet you again.” Su Yan shook her shoulders with overwhelming emotions. Their unexpected reunion overjoyed him. “I’ve already developed your photo, and I had the thought of publishing it on the newspapers to look for you!”

He rattled on all by himself.

Xuxu reacted by laughing awkwardly but instinctively, she caught a glimpse ofthe man. As expected, his expression was glum. He lifted an eyebrow as he eyed her. He seemed to be asking, ‘Wen Xuxu, what’s happening? Can you explain to me?’

Yan Weiye softly coughed when he noticed that Su Yan was overly friendly and excited towards Xuxu. After he had caught a glimpse of Yan Rusheng’s expression, his heart sank and he immediately broke the tension. “Su Yan, you know your third sister-in-law?”

Su Yan was startled. “Third sister-in-law?”

He despondently slouched as the corners of his lips sank with disappointment. “So you’re really married.”

Yan Rusheng couldn’t bear it any longer, and he strode towards Xuxu in no time. He put his hand on her shoulders. He coldly said to Su Yan, “What were you thinking about?”

Without waiting for Su Yan to reply, he grabbed Xuxu’s hand and went upstairs.

He passed by Yan Weiye, and he halted his footsteps. He coldly glanced at him. “Everything I’ve agreed to is because of First Aunt.”

It served as a reminder and a warning.

“I know.” Yan Weiye nodded, knowing fully well that he was in the wrong. He no longer spoke like an elder. “In the future, I’ll have to trouble the two of you to take care of Su Yue and Su Yan.”

Xuxu caught him stealing a glance at her again. Xuxu had remembered that he was the uncle who used to stroke her hair and would always have candy for her.