Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 543

Chapter 543 Move Back To The Apartment

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Xuxu remained mum as she bowed her head.

“Third Brother, Third sister-in-law.”

Behind Yan Weiye, they heard a sweet and pleasant female voice. But it was evident that fear coated her voice.

Xuxu’s eyes traveled past Yan Weiye and landed on the girl behind her. Astonishment streaked across her eyes.

The girl was about 1.6 meters tall, and she was as fair as snow. She had tied her naturally wavy hair into a neat ponytail, with her fringe covering her forehead. Her dewy eyes brightly sparkled, and just like her voice, her eyes seemed fearful as well.

Xuxu quietly exclaimed in her heart; “How could such a beautiful and lovely girl exist in real life?”

She gazed at Su Yan once more, and immediately she thought of how beautiful their mother must be to have given birth to such beautiful children.

First Uncle and Second Uncle weren’t particularly handsome. Yan Rusheng had fully inherited Aunt Mu Li’s genes to be so good-looking.

She looked at the girl’s innocent-looking face, and Xuxu couldn’t help but smile at her.

Yan Weiye saw that Xuxu seemed to treat Su Yue differently, and he took advantage of that. He pulled Su Yue towards her and smiled. “Su Yue, your third sister-in-law was always on the top of her class when she was still in school. You can seek her help in the future if you need to.”

Su Yue obediently nodded. “Okay.”

She was probably around 18 years old, and her voice still sounded tender and immature.

Then she timidly looked at Yan Rusheng, but the latter put on an aloof expression as he haughtily eyed her.

Su Yue hastily retracted her gaze and then nervously clenched her hands as a result.

“Wen Xuxu, women have a sharp tongue but a soft heart, and they have no determination.”

He entered the room and without shutting the door, Yan Rusheng began to mock and lecture Xuxu.

Xuxu knew that he was referring to the situation where she offered Su Yue a smile. She glared at him in response. “After all, she is still your younger sister.”

Yan Rusheng didn’t press on and instead interrogated her. “How did you get to know Su Yan?”

After speaking, his eyes darted to Xuxu’s shoulders with an annoyed expression.

The fellow had dared to touch his wife while he was present. He was just like that guy from Country Y.

Xuxu honestly answered, “The day we went to H City, while you went to First Uncle’s house, I strolled around and happened to bump into him on the streets. It was just a random encounter.”

Her bright eyes suddenly revealed a cheeky and playful expression. She fixed her gaze at his face that was about to erupt with anger. “You can’t even spare a look at your cousin, can you?”

Although she was just asking, her tone was firm.

Yan Rusheng looked at Xuxu and gave her a stern warning. “As long as it’s the opposite gender, you have to stay far away from them. Especially those who harbor ulterior motives towards you.”

“Oh.” Xuxu nodded and gave a rather helpless look. “But we will be staying together in the future. It’s inevitable that we will need to interact with each other. And isn’t he going to Flourish & Prosper soon?”

She had contemplated for a moment before an idea struck her. She said, “Perhaps I should move back to the apartment.”

“Wen Xuxu!” Yan Rusheng furiously gritted his teeth at the tiny woman who was looking so smug. He suddenly stretched his hands and swiftly lifted her up. He walked with big strides to the bed and flung her on it.

He wasn’t in the least gentle with her.

Without giving her a chance to escape, his massive body crushed her and pinned her down.