Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Learn From Your Third Brother And Third Sister In Law

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Yan Rusheng’s hand traveled down to Xuxu’s waist and he pinched her. Xuxu shrieked out in pain. “Yan Rusheng, you pervert!”

“Are you fine now?” Yan Rusheng asked as his hand swiftly traveled downwards.

“I’m not fine. Get off me.” Xuxu blushed once more. She used her elbow to nudge the man lying on top of her and then buried her face with a blanket.

Yan Rusheng knew that she was lying through her teeth. He inched towards Xuxu’s ear and then opened his mouth to bite her earlobe. He fiercely said, “Hmmm, how dare you lie to me? I won’t let you off tonight.”

He flipped Xuxu over with a swift and skillful movement. His lips crashed onto hers the next moment without giving her a chance to retaliate. Then he tightly interlocked his fingers with hers.

And he couldn’t wait to entwine every inch of his body with hers at that instant.

Knock knock knock.

Just when it became more heated and passionate, someone knocked on the door.

It jarred Xuxu back to her senses when she heard the rapping on the door. She abruptly opened her eyes and frantically tried to shove Yan Rusheng away.

They were still waiting for them to have dinner. Oh dear.

Yan Rusheng turned his head towards the door and angrily responded. He yelled, “Don’t knock on the door again!”

His hoarse voice was trying to suppress his burgeoning desire.

The knocking stopped.

Xuxu couldn’t push Yan Rusheng away and her punches landed wildly on his shoulder and back. “Yan Rusheng, get off me right now! It must be Aunt Zhang outside right now.”

How could he stop at this crucial moment? Yan Rusheng said, “We’ll do it once.”

He ignored Xuxu’s protests, and he began to kiss her neck with his kisses slowly trailing downwards. Their fingers were still tightly interlocked.

Xuxu vehemently rejected him. “No!”

Yan Rusheng raised his head and teased her. “Then let’s do it twice, shall we?”

His statement had Xuxu dumbfounded.

This fellow really had the ability to twist her words and make it so shameless—just like his personality.

In the end, they made everyone wait for more than half an hour.

This was the first meal that Xuxu and Yan Rusheng shared together with Su Yue and Su Yan. Aunt Zhang had prepared a feast for the occasion.

Yan Weiye sat at the center spot, and it was usually occupied by Wang Daqin. Ever since she passed away, it was left vacant.

A sudden wave of sorrow attacked Xuxu when she saw the seat being occupied by someone else. She bowed her head and absentmindedly ate her food.

Until now, she hasn’t been able to get over Wang Daqin’s death yet.

Yan Rusheng and Xuxu sat beside each other, while Su Yue and Su Yan sat across them.

The atmosphere seemed strained and stretched.

“Su Yan, you have to learn from your Third Brother and Third sister-in-law when you start work in the future.”

When dinner was almost over, Yan Weiye broke the silence and spoke up.

Su Yan raised his head and eyed Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. He responded vaguely, sounding rather unwilling.

Then he bent his head and continued eating.

“Xuxu, your First Aunt is pestering me to go back soon. So I’ll leave tonight.” Yan Weiye looked at Xuxu and smiled. “Yueyue is starting school tomorrow. Can you help me send her to school tomorrow morning?”

Xuxu glanced at Su Yue and she was at a loss at what to say.

She was afraid that if she rejected him, First Uncle might delay his return. And she didn’t want First Aunt to feel uneasy. She nodded rather unwillingly. “Alright.”

She shall agree for the sake of First Aunt.

Yan Rusheng didn’t speak at all during dinner, and he left abruptly after eating.

Xuxu watched as he strode away, and she was silently pleased that he was quite loyal. He had portrayed a much more obvious stand than her.