Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Her Saintly Instincts

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After Yan Rusheng left, Su Yan looked at Xuxu and suddenly spoke. “Third sister-in-law, does he suffer from facial nerve paralysis?”

He glanced at the door of the dining room—which Yan Rusheng had passed through—to show who he was referring to.

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth twitched. She thought to herself, “Wasn’t Su Yan’s Chinese quite bad? Why would he use such a difficult term?”

If Yan Rusheng overheard what he said, a huge uproar would ensue.

Xuxu didn’t answer, but Yan Weiye was fast to reprimand his son. He gave him a disapproving look and chided him solemnly. “Su Yan, I forbid you to say that of your Third Brother.”

Su Yan merely shrugged and said nothing. Though his attitude looked rather rebellious.

Xuxu saw the look Su Yan had, and she had a hunch that he wasn’t someone who was easy to manipulate or order around.

Xuxu’s biological clock adjusted itself back after the drastic time difference. She woke up before eight in the morning.

Yan Weiye flew back to C City yesterday evening, so only the four of them was present for breakfast.

Since Xuxu had promised Yan Weiye to send Su Yue to school, Yan Rusheng left for work alone.

“Third sister-in-law.”

Xuxu left her room after changing, and a figure swiftly appeared before her.

“Ahhh!” She got a nasty shock and instinctively stepped backward. She clutched her chest as she glared at Su Yan who was cheerily smiling at her. She yelled, “What are you doing?”

Su Yan’s mood was unaffected by her wrath, and he grinned from ear to ear. “I finally got to know your name. Xuxu.”

He bent his head and uttered to himself. “I knew it.”

Xuxu frowned and suspiciously asked, “What did you know?”

“I knew you would have a beautiful name.” Su Yan lifted his head to survey her face and lavished praises on her. “You look prettier with your hair tied up. Just like how lively and vibrant your name is.”

Xuxu rolled her eyes and ignored his praises. She raised her feet and stomped past him.

“Xuxu, I will take good care of Yueyue.”

Su Yan loudly proclaimed in a determined and serious manner.

Xuxu halted her footsteps, and she knew it—this Su Yan wasn’t an ordinary guy.

Xuxu drove her Audi Q7 to send Su Yue to school.

Yan Weiye had enrolled Su Yue into the best school in the capital city where all the wealthy families sent their children to. She was in her third year of senior high school, and she would take her college entrance exam in the following year during the summer.

But the education system differed from the ones abroad. Would Su Yue be able to cope? Would she be able to understand the lessons?

Xuxu couldn’t understand why Yan Weiye had made arrangements for her to attend school in the capital city.

Many families had chosen to send their children, who were of similar age as Su Yue, to further their studies abroad.

Su Yue sat on the front passenger seat, and she had her head bowed throughout the journey. She was quiet and her fingers were nervously intertwined tightly together.

“Su Yue, we’re almost there,” informed Xuxu as she pointed to the school ahead.

Su Yue raised her head and glanced at it and softly responded.

“Aren’t you excited?” Xuxu felt that she was abnormally quiet, and she couldn’t stop herself from asking.

Su Yue bit her lip as though she was struggling internally.

Xuxu noticed it and reassured her. “Don’t be nervous.”

“Everyone said that I was an illegitimate child and they dislike me.” Su Yue suddenly spoke up in a faint and hushed tone.

It startled Xuxu to hear that. She gazed at the girl; she was barely an adult. Xuxu gently patted her head when her saintly instincts kicked in. “Don’t bother with what they say.”