Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 547

Chapter 547 The World Is Too Small

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Together with Su Yue, Xuxu entered the door and a middle-aged man approached them. He took a look at Su Yue and asked with a smile, “She must be Su Yue?”

Yan Weiye must have spent a bomb and went through many back doors to send his daughter to this school. This school leader must have also known a lot about Su Yue.

Hence, Xuxu wasn’t at all surprised when the middle-aged man confidently recognized the lady beside her to be Su Yue.

She smiled and nodded. “Yes, she is. You must be Director Wang.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I am.” Director Wang nodded. “Su Yue’s school transfer paperwork is already completed. Every day after school dismissal, there will be a tutor to coach her in her schoolwork to ensure that she learns well.”

Xuxu lightly replied, “That’s good.”

This was so true—with money, everything is possible.

Since they had accepted a foreign student with a little understanding of the school syllabus—who will also take the upcoming college exam—the school had to follow up on her progress.

This was because the school placed a high emphasis on grades.

At that school, most teachers were overseas graduates who had gone through countless rounds of examinations—some even had to pull a few strings to get through.

Over 80% of their students land into the top local or overseas universities each year, too.

Hence, the school had gained a lot of public praise and interest.

The Director rubbed his hands together as looked at Su Yue. He then turned to Xuxu. He smiled as he said, “Let me bring Su Yue to her class.”

Xuxu lightly nodded. “I’ll have to trouble Director Wang.”

Hearing this, Su Yue lifted her head and looked at Xuxu with sparkling eyes. Xuxu gave her an encouraging smile and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Su Yue was overjoyed. “Thank you, Third sister-in-law.”

Her Mandarin wasn’t fluent, but it was much better than Su Yan’s.

Xuxu had no idea why she was so soft-hearted towards this little lass. She thought, “If she wasn’t First Uncle’s illegitimate daughter or if she had grown up lawfully in the Yan family…”

She would definitely be the little Missy everyone in the Yan family cherished and tenderly loved. She would be the apple of everyone’s eyes.

It was likely that Yan Rusheng would also dote on her dearly.

As for Xuxu, she seemed to have taken Su Yue’s place. She grew up under the love and protection of the elders in the Yan family, including Yan Rusheng’s two big brothers.

She trailed after Su Yue, who occasionally would turn her head to look at her, as if fearful that she would suddenly disappear.

Xuxu felt sorry for her. She thought, “What kind of life did this little lass lead when she was living with her mother in Country Y?”

Did Yan Rusheng say that their finances were stable?

While she was mulling over this, they had reached Su Yue’s classroom. Xuxu stopped at the door while Director Wang brought Su Yue in and led her up the rostrum.

Looking at Su Yue as she stood on stage, all the boys and even some girls gleamed with excitement.

Even though Su Yue was still feeling nervous, she didn’t turn to look at Xuxu anymore. Instead, she fought hard to maintain her smile.

Xuxu smiled with relief and turned around to quietly leave.

She thought of Su Yue as she walked and felt something lacking about her.


A familiar voice called out to her from the front.

Xuxu snapped out of her thoughts and halted her steps as she looked ahead. Was she living a life of drama lately or was this world too small?

Looking at the figure tripping towards her, Xuxu put on a filial smile. “Miss Fang.”

They haven’t met for many days, and she seemed to have lost a lot of weight and looked exceptionally pale.