Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 548

Chapter 548 Your Presence Is Really Everywhere

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‘Nowadays, youngsters enter into relationships, cohabit and get themselves pregnant….’

‘Ah Sheng would definitely want to start a family once he got married.’

‘Don’t you like children?’

‘I don’t.’

Xuxu glanced at Fang Jiayin and fixed her eyes on her perfectly flawless face.

She was pregnant with Ah Sheng’s child before. Just how many intimate moments had they spent with each other? Did Ah Sheng also call her ‘precious’ in the heated moment of passion? Did he also tightly lock his fingers with hers when they were together and told her that he wanted to spend a lifetime with her?

She clearly knew that she should disregard all these because harping on them won’t change anything. But as the thoughts cloud her mind, she felt a tug on her heartstrings.

Fang Jiayin’s departure back then had Xuxu brooding over the reason for it. She had sensed that her reason for leaving without a word wasn’t that simple. Now, she finally had the answer.

She thought if Fang Jiayin had deeply loved Yan Rusheng before, if she was pregnant, she wouldn’t have gone for an abortion or kept the abortion from him.

If the baby was really gone, the only reason could be because of a miscarriage.

Xuxu had the urge to ask Fang Jiayin—to figure out what kind of person she was exactly and to find out what she really wanted.

She had let him go because she loved him too deeply.

But was she in deep regret now all because she loved him too much as well?

If some mishap didn’t happen to Fang Jiayin’s baby, Yan Rusheng’s world would have no place for Xuxu at all.

Xuxu inwardly chided herself. Should she be cruelly and selfishly glad that their child was gone? Or that Fang Jiayin could no longer bear children?

“Xuxu, why must you behave so distant with me?” Fang Jiayin looked at Xuxu with sadness in her eyes.

Xuxu was tired of her usual statement, and she felt turned off. She snapped, “Miss Fang, given our current status, I feel that it is inappropriate for us to remain friends.”

Fang Jiayin’s eyes briefly twitched. She gasped in utter shock. “Are… are you afraid that I’ll snatch Ah Sheng away from you?”

Xuxu’s eyebrows knitted together. “Won’t you?”

Without waiting for Fang Jiayin to respond, she raised her feet and walked past her side.

“Teacher Fang, you are early today.”

“Teacher Fang.” When Xuxu heard how Jiayin was addressed, she halted her steps for a moment. Her lips icily curled.

“Fang Jiayin, your presence is really everywhere.”

When Xuxu got home, she didn’t mention to Yan Rusheng that she had run into Fang Jiayin. She only wanted to strive harder to love him more.

Two strangers have now intruded their lives, and so they were more careful with their choice of words at home. They used to flirt and banter while watching TV in the living room before.

But now, Xuxu had to force Yan Rusheng to restrain himself even when he didn’t want to.

Su Yan didn’t immediately join Flourish & Prosper as he was busy. He left the house early and returned late daily. By now, they had already moved in for a week.

Xuxu was curious about what he was doing every day. He looked worn out each time he came home, but when he saw her, he would beam brightly at her.

Since he didn’t start a conversation with her, she didn’t want to take the initiative to talk to him as well. Needless to say, Yan Rusheng would not take the initiative either.

And so, Su Yan and Su Yue had slowly become part of their lives or at least part of Xuxu life.

After dinner, Xuxu and Yan Rusheng each went into the study room and the bedroom separately, working in front of their laptops.

At around ten in the evening, Xuxu felt tired and gave a lazy stretch. After that, she got up and was about to go over to ask Yan Rusheng to come back and sleep.

When she opened the door, she jumped up in shock for a figure was already standing in front of her. “Su Yue, it’s already so late. Why are you standing here?”