Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 550

Chapter 550 You Can't Leave Before The Matter Is Settled

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She said, “Yueyue has to attend a Parent-Teacher Conference this afternoon.”

“You seemed to be enjoying a sense of superiority in your role as a parent?”

Yan Rusheng leaned against the wall next to Xuxu’s desk and ambiguously looked down at her with his deep and serene looking peach blossom-shaped eyes.

Xuxu coldly snorted. “Stop your sarcastic remarks. Yueyue belongs to whose family again?”

After saying that, she wanted to grab Yan Rusheng’s wrist. But who would have thought that he would suddenly withdraw his hands from his pockets, to which Xuxu caught hold of his pockets instead? Without thinking further, she hauled hard at it. “Please get back to your work now, there are so many things to do.”

She retracted her hands and placed them back on the keyboard. She stared at the laptop screen and was determined to ignore him.

All of a sudden, Yan Rusheng bent over and whispered into her ears, “If you have the urgethisearly in the morning, we can always go into the office. Please don’t try to remove my clothes in front of everyone.”

Before Xuxu could even blush, he pressed his lips on Xuxu’s face and gave her a quick peck. After that, he straightened his back and cheerfully walked into his office.

“This loathful fellow!”

Xuxu touched the area which Yan Rusheng had kissed and bashfully berated him in her heart.

It was barely four p.m., but Xuxu was already preparing to turn off her laptop and tidy her desk.

“Mi Ling, if President Yan asks for me when he’s back, let him know that I left early.”

She instructed her assistant as she walked past her desk, and hastily left as she was afraid that there would be a traffic jam.

But most of the time, the more one feared of something, the more it would happen. As it was Friday, there is bound to be a traffic jam as early as four in the afternoon.

Time ticked away by the minutes and seconds. There was slight congestion at every traffic junction, and this made Xuxu more anxious. How she’d wish that she could just get down and walk instead.

Finally, the red light turned green, and Xuxu stepped on the accelerator. She wanted to overtake the car in front of her.

Without notice, the car suddenly increased its speed with the intention of overtaking as well.

“Gosh!” Xuxu narrowed her eyes and swiftly activated the turn signal. But it was already too late.

The bumpers of the two cars had already brushed against each other.


The other car immediately pulled to a stop, and she had no choice but to stop too. As she unfastened her seatbelt, she took out her sunglasses from the glove compartment and put it on before getting out of her car.

The owner of other car was a middle-aged man. When he saw that Xuxu was a lady, he sarcastically remarked, “I knew it was a lady driver.”

“The traffic police are here, so let them handle it.” Xuxu didn’t bother to argue and pointed to the traffic police who was speeding towards them on a motorcycle.

It was a busy road and traffic police were maintaining traffic control on both sides. When they saw the accident, they came over immediately.

When the traffic police arrived, the first thing they did was to take photos of the accident. After that, the male driver started explaining the details of the situation.

Xuxu kept looking at her watch, her patience was already burning up. Su Yue would be dismissed from school at 4:40 p.m. If there wasn’t any traffic jam, it would only take her approximately 20 minutes to travel from the office to her school. But now, half an hour had passed, and she was only midway to her destination.

It’ll take her another 10-15 more minutes to reach. Even if she were to run continuously, she would still be late.

As Xuxu thought over it, she opened the car door and took out a Post-It-Note and pen. She wrote down her phone number and handed it to the traffic police. “I’ll leave my car here, and this is my contact number. Give me a call once you have decided on the settlement.”

Hearing this, the male driver wasn’t pleased. “That won’t do. You can’t go off before this matter is settled.”

The traffic police officer who was busy taking down the statement also nodded in agreement with the male driver.

Xuxu was about to flare up when her cell phone rang. She swallowed her words and rummaged through her bag for the phone. The screen displayed Yan Rusheng’s number.