Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 551

Chapter 551 What Is A Parent Teacher Conference?

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She placed the phone to her ears and anxiously answered, “Yan Rusheng, where are you?”

Yan Rusheng replied, “I am near Flourish & Splendor. When will your Parent-Teacher Conference end?”

Flourish & Splendor was the name of Su Yue’s school and Xuxu was bursting with excitement after she heard him. “That’s great! I am stuck in a traffic jam and won’t be in time to attend the Parent-Teacher Conference. Please quickly go on my behalf, otherwise, you’ll be late.”

Yan Rusheng couldn’t believe his ears and raised his voice. “You want me to attend the Parent-Teacher Conference?”

Xuxu had anticipated that he wouldn’t agree at once, so she tried to pander to him. “Ah Sheng, I know that you’re the best.”

This was the first time that she’d resort to such mushy words to seek his help.

Young Master Yan was overwhelmed with joy. “Wen Xuxu, make sure you remain as gentle to me in the future.”

After that, he instantly hung up.

Looking at the words ‘Dumb woman’ in his call records, he gnashed his teeth but at the same time, brimming with affection.

Dumb woman. He couldn’t believe that he had to attend the Parent-Teacher Conference on her behalf.

As it was the day of the Parent-Teacher Conference, the school opened up the carpark to the public. Each car that entered had to register their plate number and have their photo taken. Fingerprints were recorded as well.

When Yan Rusheng heard all these requirements, he had a sudden whim to exterminate the security crew at the entrance.

The school gate was wide opened, and cars had already formed a long queue on both sides of the road, waiting for security checks.

Yan Rusheng was driving a champagne-colored Bentley, a car that he seldom drove. Among the many luxury cars, he wasn’t too conspicuous.

Besides waiting at the traffic light, this was the first time that he had to queue in such a manner.

He got impatient after a while, but as it was already embarrassing for him to attend the Parent-Teacher Conference, he didn’t want to stir up further trouble and create unnecessary attention. Hence, he had no choice but to wait patiently in the queue.

When his cell phone suddenly rang, he retracted his gaze and looked at the caller ID. It was Ming Ansheng.

“What’s the matter?”

As he was already feeling impatient, he had answered the call with irritation clear on his voice.

“Who angered Young Master Yan?”

Ming Ansheng sounded as if he was gloating over the situation and this irritated Yan Rusheng even more. “Stop beating around the bush and get to the point.”

Ming Ansheng didn’t dare to make fun of him again and returned to his main reason for calling. “Where are you? Let’s have dinner tonight.”

Yan Rusheng gave him a curt reply. “At a Parent-Teacher Conference.”

When Ming Ansheng heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh. ” Ha. When were you promoted to a parent? An illegitimate child?”

“Get lost,” barked Yan Rusheng, he then hung up.

The car inched forward very slowly and finally, it was his turn at the security check.

He wound down his window and faced the camera at the security booth. A security officer brought a pen and paper to him. “Mister, please sign and leave down your fingerprint.”

After he had instructed him, he stole a glance at Yan Rusheng’s face and was startled.

Yan Rusheng swiftly signed on the paper and left his fingerprint. After that, he put down the pen and drove straight into the campus.

After he’d parked his car, he dashed for Su Yue’s classroom.

“Ah Sheng.” When he reached the stairs, he heard a familiar voice calling out to him.

Yan Rusheng stopped in his tracks and looked in the direction of the voice. Annoyed, he knitted his eyebrows.

Fang Jiayin sensed it and apologized at once. “I’m sorry. I…”

Yan Rusheng cut her off. “I’m here to attend my cousin’s Parent-Teacher Conference, and I’m running late.”

Having said that, he went up the stairs taking two steps at a time. He disappeared at lightning speed before Fang Jiayin.

Fang Jiayin remained at the same spot as she gazed at the empty staircase with a deep and complicated look in her eyes.