Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 552

Chapter 552 A Little Lass Of Few Words

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Most of the students had already gone home, while the rest stayed back to wait for their parents who were attending the conference.

Su Yue stayed behind to wait for Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu had called her earlier and explained that she was running late. She had already informed Su Yue that Yan Rusheng would be there on her behalf.

Holding on to her textbooks, she sat on a chair next to the greenbelt below her classroom as she revised that day’s lessons.

“Are you Su Yue?”

Suddenly, a gentle female voice echoed in front of her.

Su Yue lifted her head and looked in the voice’s direction. A tall and lanky woman smiled and walked towards her. When she saw the teachers pass hanging on her neck, she stood up and politely smiled at her.

The woman dawdled near and Su Yue saw the name on the teachers pass. She lightly addressed, “Teacher Fang.”

Fang Jiayin amiably smiled at Su Yue. “I am your Third Brother’s friend, and I’m also a teacher here. I’ve heard from your Third Brother that you are studying in this school, but I had no chance to meet you so far.”

As Su Yue wasn’t good with words, she merely smiled at Fang Jiayin and remained silent.

A strange expression flashed across Fang Jiayin’s eyes and she immediately smiled again. “I’ve just seen your Third Brother, but I’ve never expected him to attend your Parent-Teacher Conference.”

Su Yue replied, “My Third sister-in-law told him to come.”

She sounded anxious as if trying to prove or express something.

As Fang Jiayin looked at Su Yue’s big dewy eyes that had a glint of stubbornness, a streak of surprise flashed across her eyes.

She quipped, “I really can’t tell that he’s so obedient to your Third sister-in-law.”

There was a smile on her face, but it wasn’t genuine.

Fang Jiayin thought, “Yan Rusheng, I just couldn’t resign myself to the fact that you’ve changed immeasurably because of her.”

Su Yue nodded in confirmation with a ‘Mm’.

Fang Jiayin smiled and diverted the topic. “I am the school’s violin teacher. You can look for me if you want to learn the violin or you can also approach me if you encounter problems with your school work.”

“I don’t want to learn the violin.” Su Yue shook her head and continued, “My dad says that my Third sister-in-law is a top student.”

Fang Jiayin’s facial expression changed when she heard what the girl had to say. Her pair of shrewd-looking eyes doubtfully surveyed Su Yue’s face, which was no bigger than the size of her palm.

This meek-looking little lass didn’t appear to be as naïve as what she had thought.

She deliberated for a moment before saying, “I still have something to attend. If you need help in school, you can look for me or give me a call if I’m not around.”

Su Yue merely nodded and remained silent.

Fang Jiayin couldn’t hold back any longer. With pursed lips, she turned around to leave, a streak of coldness flashed across her eyes.

With pouted lips, Su Yue tilted her neck to one side and gazed at Fang Jiayin’s slender back view.

All of a sudden, a deep, charming male voice sounded in her ears.

“Little lass, do you know who you’ve just offended?”

Su Yue retracted her gaze from afar and turned around, only to meet a handsome face before her very eyes. She bewilderedly blinked as if asking: ‘Who are you?’

Looking at her expression, Ming Ansheng burst out laughing and a trace of affection could be heard in his laughter.

He walked over to Su Yue and introduced himself. “I’m your Third Brother’s friend. My name is Ming Ansheng.”

Su Yue responded with an ‘oh’ and didn’t continue further.

Hey, this little lass was indeed a person of few words and wasn’t deliberately provoking Fang Jiayin earlier.