Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 556

Chapter 556 I Don't Know How To Do My Homework

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Yan Rusheng put down the phone. His expression was solemn and heavy in the darkness.

Fang Jiayin left without a word three years ago. Could it really be the reason that Xuxu had told him earlier?

That they had a child after that night?

Yan Rusheng sat for a long time with a cigarette in his hand. It burned ’till the end of the cigarette butt, and the burning sensation jarred him back to the present. He promptly threw it away in the ashtray.

He fell silent once more and turned on his laptop. He opened a mailbox he hadn’t used in almost a year.

There was an unread email sent to him on the 14th of February this year. The sender’s nickname was ‘Quietly Waiting Jiayin’ . When he saw it, Yan Rusheng was taken aback.

After Fang Jiayin had left three years ago, she didn’t contact him at all. He would regularly check this mailbox every day for the past three years.

But every time he checked, there was nothing else except for some spam mail.

After New Year’s Day last year, he decided that he would no longer check his emails anymore. He had resolved to forget about Fang Jiayin and her gentle profession of love. He wanted to forget about their precious first night together.

Even though he had recurring dreams about that night, and that he longed for her and he missed her badly, he was still resentful and enraged.

However, he endured it. He didn’t bother checking on Fang Jiayin’s whereabouts or news about her.

Years later, however, an old classmate from B City informed him about Fan Jiayin’s address. Despite that, he didn’t visit her even once even if he was in Country Y.

Before he fell for Xuxu, he had a thought that as long as Fang Jiayin willingly returned to him, he would accept her.

But right now, his heart, mind and his entire world could no longer hold another person. There was nobody else he wanted except for Wen Xuxu.

Yan Rusheng didn’t read the email, instead, he immediately trashed it without a second thought.

God must have wanted him to end up with Wen Xuxu, that was why Fang Jiayin had chosen to leave on her own accord.

If he had read this email, things might have ended up differently.

Then he proceeded to delete every email he had with Fang Jiayin.

Fang Jiayin had always sent him lengthy emails. Although his replies were succinct, he had thought of keeping those emails forever.

Just like how one would keep a young handwritten love letter given by someone during the beautiful rainy season.

‘Ah Sheng, I’m in pain…’

‘Ah Sheng, I like you.’

Yan Rusheng covered his face with his hands as he repeatedly tried to brainwash himself. He thought, “Forget about that night and her gentle voice. Forget everything.”

No matter what had happened, it was already in the past.

He was certain that all he wanted now was Wen Xuxu.

Xuxu woke up the next morning and saw that the other side of the bed was already empty. Yan Rusheng was nowhere in sight. Both of them had a habit of waking up early, she didn’t think too much of his disappearance.

It was the weekend, and she decided to laze in bed with her phone.

Knock, knock, knock.

Suddenly, someone was rapping on the door.

Xuxu casually glanced at the door. She promptly responded, thinking it must be Aunt Zhang. “Come in.”

Someone turned the doorknob and pushed the door gently. A little face appeared.

“Third sister-in-law.”

Su Yue gave Xuxu a sweet smile as she stared at her.

Xuxu was startled to see her but after a second, gave her a smile in response. “Were you looking for me? Come in.”

She beckoned to her.

Su Yue pushed the door and walked into the room. She was hugging a notebook and textbook.

She shut the door after her and strode across towards Xuxu. “I don’t know how to do my homework.”