Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 557

Chapter 557 The Teachers Really Like Me Now

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So Su Yue was there to consult her regarding her homework. She stole a quick glance at the clock; it was barely eight in the morning.

Even though she was a hardworking student, she tend to laze in bed on weekends until late morning or lunch.

Especially during winter.

“Why didn’t you sleep for a little for more? You don’t have school today.” Xuxu patted the bed. “Sit here.”

Su Yue sat down and put her books on her lap. She started flipping the pages as she mumbled, “I have to go to school later, and I don’t understand what the teacher said during class yesterday.”

She turned to look at Xuxu with a sad frown. She seemed distressed and troubled with the pout that she was wearing.

When Xuxu saw how Su Yue was fretting over her studies, she couldn’t help but blame Yan Weiye once again. He hadn’t fulfilled his duty as a father in more than ten years. Then he had suddenly appeared and claimed that he wanted to be responsible for them. He didn’t think of what’s suitable for them or what they truly wanted beforehand.

He had merely acted according to his own wishes.

Su Yue was delicate although she was sensible and thoughtful. While Su Yan, on the other hand, was different from his sister. First Uncle said that he would enter the company on the second day after they had moved, but it had already been more than two weeks. Not only did he not join the company, but he wasn’t at home every day.

Yan Rusheng and Xuxu thought that since he had just returned, they should give him so time to adapt.

So they decided not to inform First Uncle.

“What are the questions? Come over here and I’ll teach you.” Xuxu lifted her blanket and beckoned to her once more.

Su Yue didn’t hesitate and climbed onto the bed and happily sat next to Xuxu.

Su Yue isn’t used to speaking and understanding Chinese, but she was a fast learner; it only took Xuxu to explain once, and the younger girl could grasp it.

Xuxu thoroughly explained using Su Yue’s notes.

She looked at her and asked softly, “Do you understand now?”

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

She then closed her books and said, “I will eat breakfast now. I have a tutorial class later.”

“Alright, I’m getting up too.” Xuxu lifted her blanket and got down.

She entered the bathroom to wash up while Su Yue left first.

Aunt Zhang said that both Su Yan and Yan Rusheng left early in the morning.

Yan Rusheng had a lot of work to do and clients to meet, so it was hardly surprising that he left early.

Su Yue and Xuxu were the only ones at the dining table.

Su Yue ate her food slowly and gracefully. She tore the bread into smaller pieces and slowly stuffed them into her mouth.

Xuxu watched her, and her heart went out to this young and petite girl. She smiled. “Yueyue, I’ll send you there later.”

The chauffeur went out with Yan Rusheng that day.

She hasn’t had the time to go out in a long while. She could take the chance to walk around while Su Yue was having a tutorial class. She then could fetch her home later.

Su Yue raised her head with her mouth stuffed full of bread. She shook her head. “Third sister-in-law, today is your day off and you should rest. I can go there myself.”

Xuxu was firm. “It’s settled, I’ll send you there.”

Su Yue didn’t reject her offer anymore, and she was secretly pleased.

Xuxu sent her car for repairs after the accident yesterday.

She drove Yan Rusheng’s car; his black Mercedes.

Su Yue immediately took out her textbook when she got on the car.

Xuxu watched her and gave her a soft reminder. “You’ll be tired if you keep studying all day long.”

Su Yue smiled. “It’s alright. If I work hard, people will like me. My teachers really like me now.”