Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Underground Hospital

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Back then, he only wanted to prove that he was more capable than her and neglected all other aspects.

If he knew only earlier. Unfortunately, there weren’t any more ifs.

Yan Rusheng placed one hand below his chin and looked out of the car window. Although the winter air in B City wasn’t as dry compared to the capital city, it was equally cold.

‘Wen Xuxu, why do you keep haunting and pestering me? Thankfully, we are finally not in the same school.’

‘Tch. Who wants to be in the same school as you? In the future, you’ll be in A University while I’m at X University and we’ll each mind our own business’.’

When he found out that she had applied for X University, he was exasperated for the entire summer vacation. But his pride prevented him from making use of his connection to change something that he desired.

During that summer vacation, whenever Wen Xuxu visited the Yan family, he had a strong urge to strangle her.

Come to think of it, was he really exasperated back then?

All of a sudden, the cell phone rang, and it snapped Yan Rusheng out of his thoughts. He glanced at the caller ID and immediately picked up the phone to place it to on his ear.

“President Yan,” addressed the person on the other line. He then reported the findings to him. “We’ve searched through all hospitals in B City. Only the First People’s Hospital and one local hospital has records of Fang Jiayin’s medical history, but she didn’t visit either hospital during the period that you’ve mentioned.”

Hearing this, Yan Rusheng suspiciously narrowed his eyes. “Nothing at all?”

Was it possible that Fang Jiayin didn’t find out about her pregnancy while she was in B City?

But during that stretch of time, they met up daily, and she didn’t leave B City.

Or perhaps she wasn’t even aware that she was pregnant when she left, and only found out about her pregnancy when she was overseas?

But no matter how he racked his brains, he still couldn’t understand why she had left without a word.

He couldn’t sleep a wink last night, so he started massaging his temples with his hands and didn’t speculate further on that.

He thought that if it was true, he could definitely trace out the clues.

He was bent on finding out the truth so that everything would come to a clear resolution.

Even if he had let Fang Jiayin down, he also wanted to find out the truth and come clean with Xuxu. He didn’t want her to bear a grudge against anything.

While he was mulling over this, Yan Rusheng heard the man speaking again over the other line. “But I also found out something. Since there were many elite schools in B City, there were many underground hospitals that specialized in ‘settling accidents’ for students, too.”

Hearing this, Yan Rusheng suddenly stopped massaging his temples and opened his eyes wide. Underground hospitals that specialized in ‘settling accidents’ for students…

He said, “List down all their addresses for me. I’ll personally check them out.”

An underground hospital could be the best bet.

“That girl told me that she should be on the 13th floor.” Fang Jiayin walked around the 13th floor and knocked on the doors of a few tutorial classes to check, but Su Yue was nowhere in sight.

She only knew that the tenants of that building were mainly educational centers, half of which were tutorial centers. Every week, after teaching her two violin classes, she would leave immediately.

Thus, she wasn’t sure if there were other types of tutorial classes on other levels. It was by sheer coincidence that she ran into Su Yue that morning, and it had caught her off guard too.

She chanced upon a cleaner at the lift and walked towards her. She politely asked, “Auntie, I would like to ask if there are only five tuition centers on this level?”

The cleaner nodded in response. “Yes, but there are more upstairs.”

After that, the elevator sounded with a ‘ding’ and the door opened.

The cleaner walked into the elevator with her pail and mop.