Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 560

Chapter 560 The Lift Doesn't Have Direct Access

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Since she couldn’t locate her, she left and entered the lift with the cleaner.

“Teacher Fang.”

Fang Jiayin was looking down. Her mind was preoccupied with the thoughts of Su Yue when someone in the lift suddenly called out to her.

She looked up and saw a middle-aged man in glasses, and she was visibly shocked. “Teacher Wu, why are you here?”

Teacher Wu smiled. “Teacher Chen and I are holding tuition classes on the 14th floor.”

“Oh.” Fang Jiayin nodded. “I’m also teaching violin lessons on the 14th floor.”

All of a sudden, she seemed to have recalled something and asked Teacher Wu, “You mentioned that you were holding tutorial classes with Teacher Chen upstairs?”

Teacher Chen was also a teacher from Flourish & Splendor School. So Su Yue should probably be in his class?

Teacher Wu nodded. “Yes, and our students are mostly from our school.”

Fang Jiayin continued asking, “Then… is Su Yue in your class?”

“Yes.” Teacher Wu added, “That child has problems with her learning and President Yan must pay more attention to her.”

As the teacher spoke about Su Yue’s learning progress, Fang Jiayin knitted her eyebrows and looked worried. “You’re right. After over 10 years of overseas education, she won’t be able to adapt to our country’s education system within a short span of time.”

“But that child is very hardworking and smart.”

As they chatted, the elevator reached the first floor. ‘Ding’ . Fang Jiayin looked up at the number on the screen and smiled at Teacher Wu. “We’ve reached.”

“Goodbye, Teacher Fang.” Teacher Wu stepped out of the elevator before her.

Fang Jiayin stood in the lift and her face gradually turned gloomy. She had no more intention to step out of the elevator.

After everyone had gone out of the elevator, she pressed the lift button for the 14th floor.

As it was already lunchtime, a heavy movement of people squeezed in and out of the elevator. Within a short while, people rushed in the elevator and Fang Jiayin was squeezed to one side.

She lowered her head; there was a faint trace of coldness in her eyes.

That little lass. Was she making a fool out of her?

They have just met. So why was she doing this to her?

Did Wen Xuxu instigate her?

By the time it reached the 14th floor, the elevator had already been empty. Ding.The indicator sounded and the lift door opened. Fang Jiayin raised her feet and was about to step out when she caught sight of a tiny figure.

It momentarily stunned her. She then smiled amicably. “Yueyue.”

Su Yue’s hands were stuffed in the pockets of her pink down-filled coat, and she was standing outside the elevator.

When she saw Fang Jiayin, her childish face broken into a smile. “Teacher Fang.”

“Why did you tell me that you were on the 13th floor when you are on the 14th floor instead? I almost couldn’t find you.” Fang Jiayin stepped out of the elevator and looked at Su Yue. It sounded like words of reprimand, but there wasn’t a hint of reproach in her tone.

Instead, there was a trace of fake affection.

Su Yue answered in a calm and collected manner. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. The elevator that I took this morning doesn’t have direct access to the 14th floor, and I had to transfer to another elevator on the 13th floor.”

“…” A streak of coldness flashed past Fang Jiayin’s eyes. Her hands hung loosely at the side, tightly clenching her fists.

This bad lass. She was obviously making a fool out of her.

But she continued to put on a smile on her face, and her voice was gentle and approachable like the usual. “It’s alright. Let’s go have lunch. You must be famished.”

With that, she held Su Yue’s hand while reaching out to press the lift button with the other hand.

When they stepped out of the lift, Fang Jiayin was still holding on to Su Yue. As they walked towards the main entrance of the building, she smiled at her and asked, “Yueyue, what would you like to have for lunch?”