Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Why Are You Squatting There?

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A well-behaved Su Yue answered, “I am fine with any type of food.”

Fang Jiayin replied, “Shall I bring you to try out authentic Korean barbecue?”

She thought that since teenage girls nowadays were crazy over K-pop, it must be no exception for Su Yue.

However, Su Yue shook her head. “Burnt barbecue meat is a carcinogenic food and we must not eat them.”

Indeed, burnt meat definitely contains carcinogens, to which Fang Jiayin readily agreed. After careful deliberation, she made another suggestion. “How about Japanese cuisine?”

Su Yue looked down and whispered, “My dad said that during the Japanese occupation of China, they killed many Chinese in the war.”

Did she mean to say that if they were to eat Japanese food, they were considered unpatriotic?

Fang Jiayin furtively gritted her teeth. It seemed that the girl wasn’t sincere about having lunch with her, and instead was fooling around with her.

She shot Su Yue a cold stare.

“Teacher Fang, shall we have Kentucky Fried Chicken instead?” All of a sudden, Su Yue lifted her head and innocently grinned at Fang Jiayin.

Fang Jiayin wasn’t expecting her to raise her head. She frantically hid her cold look and masked it with a smile. “Alright.”

Su Yue was overjoyed. “Teacher Fang is the best. My Third sister-in-law said that KFC is junk food, and she has forbidden me to eat from there.”

So it turned out that the little lass went one big round just to get her to bring her to Kentucky Fried Chicken. It made Fang Jiayin feel much better in the end.

This girl was full of wits. Why couldn’t she simply say what she wanted to eat?

Was it because she was afraid that she would be like Wen Xuxu—someone who’d give her food restrictions?

At the thought of this, Fang Jiayin felt much more at ease. She held on to Su Yue’s hand once again. “All these are groundless hearsay from people. Fast food is very common in our country.”

Su Yue lowered her head again and remained silent.

The two of them left the office building. Fang Jiayin stood at the entrance and looked around the surrounding before turning back to Su Yue. “There isn’t any Kentucky Fried Chicken nearby. Let’s go somewhere else to eat. You wait for me by the roadside while I retrieve my car from the carpark.”

Su Yue obediently nodded. “Okay.”

Although it was a sunny day, the temperature was still below freezing point. The moment Su Yue stepped out in the open, her face turned red because of the strong gust of wind.

She pulled up the hood of her down-filled coat and covered her head before she stuffed her hands into her pockets. She walked towards the roadside with her head tilted down.

When she reached the side of the road, her toes accidentally rubbed against the ground and it tore the front leather of her boots.

She immediately squatted down and reached out to feel the broken part. Her eyebrows knitted and her heart sank.

Xuxu purchased the boots for her a few days ago. It had cute owl prints on it, and she loved it so dearly.

She had been wearing this pair of boots daily for the past few days and couldn’t bear taking them off her feet.

Suddenly, a small black sports car stopped in front of her. The driver’s seat window slowly wound down, and a familiar male voice could be heard coming from the car.

“Little girl, why are you squatting there?”

Su Yue raised her head and caught sight of a man’s face. She pouted as she stood up and then haughtily looked elsewhere.

Ming Ansheng looked at Su Yue with amusement. “Is there any enmity between us?”

The two of them had only met twice, and he was sure that he didn’t offend her at all. Why was she treating him with animosity?

With his looks—though not every girl would be smitten with him—it was still unlikely for him to turn people off.

It perplexed Ming Ansheng when a pair of crystal clear eyes suddenly looked at him. Her pretty face broke into an innocent, harmless smile. “Uncle, did my Third Brother ask you to pick me?”

“Um…” Ming Ansheng was completely baffled.