Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 562

Chapter 562 I Don't Like Teacher Fang

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At first, he couldn’t understand Su Yue’s question, but when he accidentally glanced at the rear-view mirror, it all became apparent to him. He had a helpless smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

He nodded at Su Yue. “Yes, you’re right.”

“Su Yue, quickly come over.”

Fang Jiayin drove her car out of the carpark and stopped right behind Ming Ansheng. She stuck her head out of the window and waved at Su Yue.

Ming Ansheng got down from his car. Looking at the innocent expression on Su Yue’s face, he was at a loss of what to do.

“You bad lass.” He lightly smacked her head, his actions and tone brimming with affection.

After that, he turned around and looked at Fang Jiayin who was in the red car behind his. There was a distant smile on his face. “Miss Fang Jiayin.”

“Young Master Ming.” Fang Jiayin saw Ming Ansheng and a streak of surprise flashed past her eyes. She got down from her car and walked towards them with a smile.

When Fang Jiayin stood in front of them, Su Yue apologetically looked at her. “Teacher Fang, my Third Brother got his friend to pick me up, so I won’t be able to have lunch with you.”

Ming Ansheng heard this and immediately interjected. “How about having lunch together then?”

“No, it’s alright.” Fang Jiayin shook her head and looked at Su Yue with a smile. “I’ll treat you to lunch another time.”

She didn’t like to associate herself with Ming Ansheng. She always had a bad impression of him; she saw him as an incomprehensible and treacherous two-faced guy.

Whenever he stared at her, it felt as though he could see through her. Often time it made her uncomfortable and ill at ease.

Su Yue nodded with an ‘Mm’ and looked down again like the way she always does.

She was so well-behaved that it was almost impossible to detect her flaws.

But Fang Jiayin could sense that the girl was deceiving her.

She had wasted her entire morning, and the lass had taken her on a bumpy ride.

Fang Jiayin had no idea if Su Yue had already told Wen Xuxu about how they had run into each other at school yesterday. Could it be that Wen Xuxu talked bad about her to Su Yue?

But knowing Xuxu, even if she hated her, she wouldn’t make use of a child to get back at her.

It was one of the many that she was jealous of and hated about Xuxu. She seemed to behave nonchalantly all the time, and yet she always emerges as the winner every time.

When she was still with Yan Rusheng before, Wen Xuxu always earned what she deserved. But for her, all that she received was a mere facade.

Su Yue!

She refused to believe that she couldn’t handle this little lass.

Fang Jiayin placed both hands on the steering wheel and glanced at the road ahead. A determined look glowed in her eyes.

Ming Ansheng surveyed the little lass as he drove.

From the moment they got into the car, she kept staring at the hole on her boots with a worried frown.

He curiously asked, “It’s only a pair of boots, and you can always purchase another pair if you’d like. Why are you so bothered by it?”

Su Yue raised her head and looked at him in a hostile manner.

The girl snorted, and it made Ming Ansheng stumped for a moment. He said nothing wrong, so why was this girl staring at him this way?

“I don’t like Teacher Fang,” Su Yue suddenly remarked.

“Uhm.” Ming Ansheng was baffled again. Weren’t they talking about her boots? This sudden change of topic was not anticipated.

He kept up with her and nodded his head with understanding. “I can tell.”

She already made it so obvious, and he wasn’t stupid too.

As Ming Ansheng mulled over it, he asked Su Yue out of curiosity. “Why do you dislike her?”