Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Thank You Young Master Ming

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“This is because Third sister-in-law and I are good friends.” Su Yue looked out of the window. There was a gleam of melancholy in her eyes.

It was because she and her Third sister-in-law were good friends? Ming Ansheng furrowed his eyebrows. “What logic is this?”

But when he thought deeper, what she meant could be; ‘My Third sister-in-law and I are good friends, while she and Teacher Fang are love rivals. So naturally, I should dislike her.’

Her innermost feelings weren’t easy to comprehend, but finally, Young Master Ming understood.

Although it did require some effort to understand her words. But at least for that day, she wasn’t as arrogant and as aloof from the previous time they were together.

And he actually felt thankful and pleased?

Ming Ansheng thought that he had been too serious for an extended time already, and now he had finally found someone who made him feel relaxed.

At the thought of this, he looked at Su Yue again and asked, “How did you and Fang Jiayin meet? Why are you here?”

Su Yue replied, “I came here for tutorial.”

“Gold Wing Building?” Ming Ansheng’s tone was certain.

It was a well-known office building in the capital city that focused on education-related services.

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

Ming Ansheng was baffled. “How did you come here this morning? Didn’t the chauffeur send you here? Why are you alone?”

Even if Third Yan didn’t show concern for his cousin sister, Wen Xuxu wouldn’t have treated her the same way too. This little lass had just returned from overseas and wasn’t familiar with the places in the country. Even conversing in Mandarin was a chore for her.

So how could they rest easy and let her venture out alone?

Su Yue answered, “My Third sister-in-law sent me this morning.”

Wen Xuxu wouldn’t have allowed the girl to travel so far by herself on public transport—he knew in his heart that she really wouldn’t. Following that, he asked again, “Why didn’t she pick you up then?”

Su Yue nodded her head. “Yes, she said to wait for her at the lobby after class.”

“Su Yue!” Ming Ansheng’s face darkened, and he hastily stepped on the brakes and stopped the car by the roadside. He turned and looked at Su Yue. “You…”

Ming Ansheng had just opened his mouth when Su Yue’s phone rang.

The ringtone of her phone was a melodious English song by a male singer.

” Shh !” Su Yue placed her index finger to her lips.

Ming Ansheng immediately clammed up. He stole a glance Su Yue’s phone screen and the caller ID showed ‘Third sister-in-law ‘.

He felt sullen. The call was from Wen Xuxu! Why was the little lass being so secretive? It was as if they were having a secret rendezvous.

Su Yue answered the call. “My Third Brother’s friend said that he would bring me out for lunch.”

What? Ming Ansheng opened his eyes wide and stared at the little lass. When did he say that he would bring her out for lunch?

He had only agreed to let her use him as an excuse to escape.

“It’s the same uncle as yesterday.”


Su Yue passed the phone to Ming Ansheng. “Uncle, my Third sister-in-law wants to talk to you.”

“Why did you call me uncle again?” Young Master Ming placed his hand on his forehead, feeling all helpless. The seniority was a total mixed up.

He received the phone from Su Yue and placed it to his ear. “Hello.”

Xuxu had intended to go mall shopping, but she went to the office in the end, and work held her up.

She was holding the phone with one hand, and the other hand was typing away on her laptop.

“Young Master Ming, I am held up by some matters and had forgotten to pick Yueyue. She said that she happened to run into you, and you’ll be bringing her for lunch. I’ll go over and pick her up later.”

“… Alright.”

Ming Ansheng reluctantly answered. She could hear Xuxu’s smile over the phone as she thanked him. “Thank you, Young Master Ming.”

After settling Su Yue, Xuxu continued with her work in peace.

The office was especially quiet on Saturdays. Whenever she goes to the company for overtime during Saturdays, she would be so wrapped up in her work and would sometimes forget her meals.