Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 564

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Yan Rusheng brought along a few people, and they checked each underground hospital and clinic according to their respective address stated on a piece of paper.

As these hospitals and clinics weren’t officially registered, most of them didn’t have proper record systems. It was difficult to check past records. Some had digital records via their computer system, while others had paper-based records or worse, they didn’t have clinical records for their patients at all.

Yan Rusheng stood at the door and eyed the signboard of a small clinic ‘Universal Love Clinic’.

After visiting several clinics hidden in the depths of dingy alleys and grimy old districts, this clinic looked rather respectable as compared to the previous ones.

He strode towards the door and walked into the clinic.

Two of his men began to interrogate the middle-aged female doctor who was sitting at the desk.

“I really cannot find a patient’s record or particulars from three years ago,” pleaded the doctor. She continued to explain, “We only started recording via computer system last year. In the previous years before that, we didn’t.”

Yan Rusheng walked up to the desk and peered down at her with a rather malicious expression. He coldly said, “How about the paper records?”

The doctor looked at him as she attempted to put on a brave smile. “Our clinic is so small, how could I keep records from years ago? I must have thrown them away.”

Yan Rusheng heard her explanation and his eyes glinted coldly. In an even icier tone, he said, “Since this place is so small, it must be running an indecent business. Why not close it down?”

He eyed the two men. One of them promptly raised her laptop and looked as if he was about to smash it.

She saw him and she immediately sprang forward to stop him. She spun her head, and with a pleading look, she said to Yan Rusheng, “Please don’t do this! Young Master, although we are small, we have never made any mistakes.”

Yan Rusheng coolly lifted an eyebrow. “What does making mistakes and running an indecent business have to do with each other?”

He had just finished his sentence when there was a loud crashing sound.

The laptop fell to the floor and smashed into pieces.

The female doctor shrunk and finally spoke the truth. With a quivering voice, she said, “We have computerized the patient records from the past few years. But we just scanned their records so we can’t search for their names via the system. I have to search page by page.”

Yan Rusheng quipped, “Then search it page by page.”

The female doctor had a rather helpless expression on her face. “There must be thousands of patients within these years.”

Then she timidly glanced at the shattered laptop on the floor.

“Find it,” coldly commanded Yan Rusheng in an unyielding tone.

He pulled a chair towards him and settled down.

He had been going through clinics after clinics for the whole day, and they only managed to work after something was smashed.

The doctor didn’t dare to dawdle and instead, she started to search using a different computer. She flipped through the scanned copies like how one would when flipping through photographs.

Yan Rusheng sat behind her as he stared at the computer screen.

“Although the records were all scanned together, we sorted it according to the year.” The doctor moved her mouse around as she flipped through the records. “From this record onwards, it should start from three years ago.”

Yan Rusheng looked more intently at the screen, determined not to miss out any.


Yan Rusheng abruptly spoke. He couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

The doctor was startled that it made her jump. She looked at him and asked. “This?”