Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 565

Chapter 565 It Couldn't Be Her

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“The previous page,” Yan Rusheng said. He took the mouse and flipped to the previous page.

Yan Xu?! 21 years old!

He saw the name and age of the patient, and his heart seemed to involuntarily jerk. His expression was frozen in shock.

The doctor read the name on the screen, and she turned to the man looking puzzled. “This is Yan Xu, not the Fang Jiayin you were looking for.”

She tried to take the mouse away from him to continue searching.

Yan Rusheng raised his voice. “Don’t move.”

His voice had turned dry and hoarse.

After some time, his Adam’s apple moved and there was a slight change in his expression.

No, it couldn’t be her.

The doctor observed Yan Rusheng’s reaction and asked meekly, “Do you know Yan Xu?”

Yan Rusheng was intently staring at the name as his lips tightly pressed together. He didn’t seem to have heard her.

The doctor retracted her hand and turned her chair so that she could fully face Yan Rusheng. “I still remember this girl.”

Yan Rusheng heard her and gradually turned towards her. He was apparently still in a daze.

After the doctor had observed him and decided that it was safe for her to continue on, she expounded, “She had suffered a miscarriage and came to the clinic begging me to save her baby. She was bleeding badly, and I didn’t dare to take her in. I advised her to go to a proper hospital instead, but she refused. I had no choice as she was adamant on staying at my clinic.”

“She…” Yan Rusheng opened his mouth but his voice seemed choked. He managed to utter after some time. “Which school was she from? Do you have any idea?”

It can’t be her. She was so intelligent. Even if… she had slept with Jiang Zhuoheng, she wouldn’t let her future be affected by having a child.

She was begging to keep her child?

No, it couldn’t be Wen Xuxu. No matter how much she had wanted to marry Jiang Zhuoheng, she wouldn’t resort to such tricks.

She was so perfect, why did she undergo so many suffering?

Yan Rusheng’s hands were tightly clenched together into balls of fists. He became more certain the more he exerted strength.

He was certain that this person wasn’t Wen Xuxu.

The doctor shook her head. “I wasn’t sure. She didn’t talk much, and she looked frail and weak.”

She paused and sighed. “But her determination and willpower amazed me. She had lost her baby, yet she was begging me to save it. Later when she laid on the operating table, she gritted her teeth and didn’t utter a sound despite the pain.”

Yan Rusheng kept reiterating to himself. ‘This Yan Xuxu wasn’t Wen Xuxu. It couldn’t be her.’

She would only use this pseudonym when she was filling up something unimportant, such as signing up for some promotions.

Why would she use a pseudonym at a hospital?

But the doctor’s words painfully tugged at his heartstrings, and his heart was in pain.

He asked again, “She… did she have long hair?”

At that time, Wen Xuxu had long hair that almost reached her knees.

The doctor tried to recall and nodded after a moment. “She had a really long hair and she was quite pretty. I remember that she had a tiny oval-shaped face although it wasn’t that distinct.”

She said in a rather empathetic tone, “Usually the girls who come here are accompanied by their boyfriends or friends. But she was alone. She slept here for the night and left the next day. I reckon that she knew that her baby was gone, if not she would have gone to a proper hospital and not to a clinic like mine.”

She suddenly thought of something. “Oh yeah, she spoke with a capital city accent.”