Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 566

Chapter 566 To Give His Everything To This Stupid Woman

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After he had heard the doctor’s words, another wave of shock crashed over Yan Rusheng. He couldn’t sit any longer, so he walked out with heavy footsteps.

He left the two men he had tagged along with him to the clinic. He went to his car and started the engine.

In no time, the car vanished out of sight.

‘She already had a miscarriage and was still begging me to save her baby…’

‘But her determination and willpower amazed me…’

‘She didn’t talk much and she looked frail and weak… She had really long hair and she was quite pretty…’

The traffic was smooth-sailing when afternoon came, and so Yan Rusheng stepped on the accelerator without care. He sped past countless cars.

All car owners trembled in fear as Yan Rusheng sped past—he was dangerously fast.

The doctor only gave a brief description of the young girl, but he already had the answer in his heart.

He didn’t need any more evidence.

‘Wen Xuxu, was this the reason why you gave up going abroad for your studies?’

‘Wen Xuxu, was this the reason why you hid in the dormitory for half a month, looking like you were close to death?’

Yan Rusheng sat in the car and gazed at the campus. How many times had he sat here, waiting and watching as she came out of the building with her eyes darting around?

She was obviously so fragile and delicate, and yet she was so obstinate and strong. He hated and loved her dearly at the same time.

This was without a doubt Wen Xuxu. What other proof did he need?

‘Usually, the girls who came were accompanied by their boyfriends or friends. But she was alone. She slept here for the night and left the next day…’

The doctor’s words echoed again and again in his mind as if it was a curse. His eyes were blazing with fiery sparks.

He had already filled the ashtray in his car, by then he had finished the last cigarette in the packet. Yan Rusheng suddenly started the engine once more.

The capital city’s nightlife was bustling and booming with excitement.

At that time of the evening, his champagne-colored Bentley weaved in and out of traffic on one of the busiest roads in the capital city.

He didn’t give a damn even if he was caught speeding by numerous speed cameras.

He only had one thing on his mind right now.

To go home to Wen Xuxu. To give his everything to that stupid woman.

The car stopped outside a grand mansion, and he switched off the engine.

He stretched his hand and retrieved a new packet of cigarettes. He lighted one up and started smoking.

His pair of abstruse-looking eyes were fixed on the rearview mirror. The expression in his eyes was cold and sinister.

The mansion was brightly lit and laughter could be heard from inside. There were children and elderly folks in the house.

Suddenly, a strong beam of light shone from the back and was reflected by the mirror. It was blinding and Yan Rusheng used his hand to block the light.

Once he caught a glimpse of the car through the rearview mirror, his face fell.

He pushed the door open and alighted from the car. He walked to the driveway and stood in front of the white Audi that was gradually slowing down to a stop.

The man driving the white Audi saw Yan Rusheng standing in his way and his expression became cold as well.

He abruptly stepped on the accelerator.

Yan Rusheng stood rooted to the spot, without moving an inch.

There was a loud screeching sound as the wheels fiercely rubbed against the ground. The white Audi abruptly came to a stop, inching dangerously close to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng coldly walked over and wrenched the door opened. He pulled the man out from his car with his fist ready.

Without a word, he punched the man’s gorgeous face with all his strength.

He didn’t give the other person any chance to retaliate. Instead, he followed his punch with another vicious one.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Jiang Zhuoheng was tough and strong by nature, and that he worked out every day, Yan Rusheng’s first punch would have made him collapse. After enduring two punches, Jiang Zhuoheng didn’t hold back and fought back.