Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Then I Shall Try It Myself Then

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Six weeks… it was around 40 days. The timing coincided indeed.

It had Yan Rusheng in a daze as he stared at his feet.

“What are you thinking of?” Xuxu continued, “Who called just now?”

She had a feeling that his silence had something to do with the phone call.

Yan Rusheng broke into a grin. “I was just thinking that your stupidity might be passed on to my son.”

She had Jiang Zhuoheng’s baby and suffered a miscarriage. So did Fang Jiayin…

Both of the children were gone. It was a selfish thought, but he was glad that both of them were gone.

Just like their couple name ‘xuxu rusheng’, Wen Xuxu was destined to be his.

Xuxu was indignant as she fiercely glared at the man standing beside her. “In any case, I was always among the top from elementary school all the way to university. How can I be dumb?”

“Stupid and dumb.”

“Yan Rusheng!”

“What’s the matter again?” Ming Ansheng raised his head and glanced at the little lass who had an unhappy look on her face.

He was barely done coaching her with her homework, and now she was acting up again?

Basically, he had done nothing other than being her tutor for the entire afternoon.

“I’m famished! Why didn’t you buy me food?”

Su Yue furrowed her eyebrows and boldly questioned Ming Ansheng.

Upon hearing her cry of anguish, all of Ming Ansheng’s facial muscle involuntarily twitched. He had a hunch that if he continued to stay with the lass for another two days, his heart might start to fail. “I asked you earlier, and you said you didn’t want to eat.”

It was just minutes ago, definitely not more than ten minutes.

If she went home and complained to Third Yan for not providing food for her, Third Yan, with his mean tongue, would definitely accuse him of abusing a minor. And probably add on that he was so stingy to the extent that he couldn’t spare his sister a mouthful of rice.

Su Yue quipped, “I said I didn’t want to eat rice.”

The corners of Ming Ansheng’s mouth twitched.

He thought to himself, ‘If you don’t want rice, then shouldn’t you say what you want to eat?’

He nodded patiently. “Alright then, what do you feel like eating? I’ll call someone to send the food here.”

He grabbed his phone.

“I feel like eating tomato and egg instant noodles,” Su Yue calmly said. “I saw that you have tomatoes and eggs in the fridge. And just now we bought a bag of instant noodles.”

As he glanced over his couch, it had Ming Ansheng dumbfounded. Chips, cake, and fried chicken were sprawled all over his coffee table.

All junk food.

And when had his apartment been so messy before?!

Now she was even thinking of wrecking his kitchen?

Forget it. The couple would soon be here to fetch her, let her do as she wished. He would just get a cleaner to clear up the mess later.

Ming Ansheng briefly contemplated and gestured to Su Yue. “Go ahead.”

He put his phone down, and he decided to leave Su Yue alone and went back to work.

Su Yue answered, “I don’t know how. You cook for me.”

‘Huh?’ Young Master Ming glanced at the little lass beside him and lifted an eyebrow. “Do you mean that I have to cook instant noodles for you?”

He hasn’t done any of the work that he was supposed to finish that day. He brought her to buy fried chicken, then to the supermarket to get her chips, and when they got home, he coached her with her homework. Being her uncle was no easy feat, wasn’t it?

If there was a contest for best guardians, he would be eligible for it.

Now she even had the cheek to command him to cook instant noodles for her. And she didn’t even phrase it tactfully or used a gentle tone.

‘I don’t know how. You cook for me!’

It was literally a command.

And most importantly she was looking at him with such a haughty expression. She was Third Yan’s sister indeed. Even the way she seeks help from others was so forceful and confident.

Ming Ansheng asked, “If you are at home, do you dare to ask your Third Brother to help you with your homework or to cook noodles for you?”

Su Yue pouted. “Then I shall try it myself then.”