Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 571

Chapter 571 Who Did You Fight With?

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Su Yue turned around without another word towards the kitchen.

He looked at her hand that was hanging by her sides; they were slender and looked as if it only touched exquisite things. If she accidentally scalded herself, his crimes would be unforgivable.


Young Master Ming heavily sighed to himself and stood up. He spoke to Su Yue, “Yueyue, let me do it instead.”

He rose and caught up with her with huge strides. He stepped into the kitchen.

Su Yue stopped at the entrance of the kitchen and vaguely responded with an‘oh.’

Ming Ansheng was already used to her pride and eccentricity, so he didn’t expect that she would thank him or be grateful to him.

Ming Ansheng rolled up the sleeves of his red shirt and tied an apron around his waist.

He opened the fridge and took out eggs and tomatoes. As he cracked an egg, he looked at Su Yue and began to nag. “Young people nowadays are getting more pampered and spoiled. Look at you. You can’t even cook instant noodles.”

His cousin Xin Yi couldn’t even wash her own plates.

Su Yue ignored Ming Ansheng. Her huge dewy eyes stared intently at the eggs in the bowl. As Ming Ansheng stirred the eggs, she instructed him. “I want the eggs to be well-cooked.”

Ming Ansheng was half-exasperated and half-amused. “You really have plenty of demands.”

Su Yue clammed up and leaned against the door frame to wait for her food.

‘Ding dong.’

Someone pressed the doorbell, and Su Yue considered for a moment before she decided to open the door.

Two familiar faces appeared in sight.

Her eyes swiftly brushed past Yan Rusheng’s aloof-looking face and landed on Xuxu. Her cold and expressionless face finally broke into a smile. “Third sister-in-law.”

Xuxu stepped into the house. She pulled an apologetic expression and said, “Sorry, I was caught up with work earlier on. You must have waited for quite some time.”

Su Yue shook her head. “I’m fine!”

“The noodles are ready. Su Yue, hurry up and eat it.”

He called out to Su Yue. The noodles were ready, and Ming Ansheng carefully brought the bowl out from the kitchen.

Then he caught sight of Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. “Hey! Finally, you guys are here.”

Wen Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were astonished to see Ming Ansheng wearing an apron and holding a bowl of steaming noodles. He quite resembled a good and homely man.

“Young Master Ming… you…” Xuxu walked towards him and eyed the bowl in his hands. “Tomato and egg instant noodles?”

She bent her head to sniff the noodles and gave Ming Ansheng a thumbs up. She lavished praises on him. “I couldn’t believe that the capable Ming Ansheng could cook so well, too.”

It annoyed Yan Rusheng when he heard Xuxu praising Ming Ansheng. He had once cooked a feast for her, but she didn’t say anything to him.

Ming Ansheng grimaced as though he had suffered a great deal. “Your little sister had forced me to, so I had no choice. Hurry up and fetch her home after she has eaten.”

Xuxu felt sorry when she heard him. “Sorry to trouble you this afternoon. She still isn’t familiar with the capital city, and she doesn’t speak much. I’m worried she would have trouble getting home all by herself.”

She always felt that Su Yue’s personality was quite eccentric. Su Yue only smiled at her and was cold and distant towards everyone else. And she didn’t talk much to anyone as well.

A few days ago, she brought her out to buy a pair of shoes. The salesperson asked her several times about her shoe size, but she bent her head and ignored her questions.

Su Yue only answered when Xuxu asked her.

“It’s not much trouble, actually.” Ming Ansheng brushed it aside and looked at Su Yue. He pushed the bowl towards her. “Hurry up and eat.”

Su Yue held the bowl of noodles in her hands and went to the dining table.

“Eh? Third Yan, who did you fight with?” Ming Ansheng turned around from Su Yue and finally had time to look at Yan Rusheng properly. He saw a bruise near his mouth and the wounds on his face. The wounds were obviously from a fight.