Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 572

Chapter 572 If You Cant Find It Youre Dead Meat

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Yan Rusheng threw Ming Ansheng a dirty look and entered the room without removing his shoes.

Ming Ansheng was amused as he watched him haughtily walk away. He slowly shook his head. “Who is this fearless guy who was bold enough to hit our Young Master Yan?”

Xuxu stifled her laughter and reminded Ming Ansheng under her breath. “He is very petty. If you still tease him, he might punch you.”

Ming Ansheng agreed with her and chuckled.

Then he did some elaborate gestures and invited Xuxu in. “Young Madam Yan, this is your first time entering my humble abode. Please enter.”


Wen Xuxu walked farther in and saw the junk food on the coffee table. She stole a glance at Su Yue and pressed her lips.

Su Yue woke up too early that morning, so after a long day, she fell asleep after she got in the car.

Xuxu gazed at Su Yue for some time with a frown. She couldn’t help but worry about her.

She wasn’t sure what kind of life she lived during the years they were overseas. They might have been financially stable but what about their personal life?

‘They say I’m an illegitimate child…’

Su Yue’s words rang inside Xuxu’s head once more and her heart ached for her.

To be frank, Su Yan and Su Yue did nothing wrong. Who could even choose their own parents?

Xuxu mulled over these questions and she turned to look at Yan Rusheng. “Can you talk with Su Yan tonight and see what he has been up to recently?”

Yan Rusheng replied with a dull tone, “He can do whatever he likes.”

He displayed his usual nonchalant attitude towards the siblings.

Xuxu frowned in disapproval. “Can you at least try? Don’t let First Uncle worry about them.”

Of course, she wasn’t afraid that First Uncle would be tired. She wanted him to take his focus off Su Yue and Su Yan so that he could focus on his two sons and wife.

In that way, at least it would be a consolation to First Aunt.

Xuxu finished her milk and sat on the bed watching a TV program.

The door swung open and Yan Rusheng walked in. She asked him, “How was it? Su Yan isn’t home yet?”

“I’ve called. He is not coming home tonight,” Yan Rusheng answered as he began to unbutton his shirt. He looked visibly tired.

Xuxu knew that he wanted to shower, so she climbed off the bed and went to his wardrobe.

“Does he have friends in the capital city?”

“Who knows?”

Yan Rusheng took his bathrobe from Xuxu and entered the bathroom.

Xuxu picked up his clothes from the floor and was about to throw it into the laundry basket when she decided to check his pockets.

There was only his cell phone.

She pouted and grumbled, “This fellow. He said that he would bring it around with him.”

Yan Rusheng came out of the bathroom and put the bathrobe on his body without fastening it. He was drying his hair with a towel as he walked towards the bed.

Xuxu sat on the bed and watched him as he walked over. She questioned him, “Yan Rusheng, where is the handkerchief?”

Yan Rusheng quipped, “I was about to ask you. You’re the one who checks my clothes every day. Did you throw the handkerchief away when you were rummaging through the pockets?”

Xuxu heard him and she became anxious. “Yan Rusheng, did you lose it?”

“I didn’t.” Yan Rusheng was certain. “It should be somewhere in the pockets of one of my pants. I’ll look for it another day.”

Xuxu gritted her teeth in anger. She warned, “If you can’t find it, you’re dead meat.”

Yan Rusheng grinned at her mischievously. “Why not let me…”

He didn’t wait for Xuxu to react and strode towards her in no time. Then he flung her onto the bed.

During breakfast, Xuxu was staring at the cover of the magazine she held in her hands called ‘Grand Fashion’. There was a gorgeous and youthful model on the front cover.