Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 573

Chapter 573 Merely A Photographer

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‘The gorgeous fashion icon Su Yan has agreed to be Grand Fashion’s Director of Photography and he will be in charge of their offices in Asia. Su Yan will also be their chief photographer.’

Su Yan? Grand Fashion’s new Director of Photography? Did she read the title wrong?

Grand Fashion was a globally well-known huge fashion magazine. It would be an achievement for those who learned photography to be one of their photographers—not to mention the Director of Photography.

Was this guy on the cover page really the Su Yan that she knew?

Yan Rusheng coldly sneered when he noticed Xuxu’s astonished expression. “It is just an improper occupation.”

He lowered his head and continued to spread jam on his bread.

Xuxu ignored his criticism and raised her head towards Su Yue. “Yueyue, does your brother really love to take pictures?”

When she saw him in H City, he had a professional-looking camera with him.

Now that she recalled, he seemed to be really interested in taking photos.

But she thought he had majored in financial management? A renowned magazine such as Grand Fashion, a pioneer in leading fashion trends, would surely have high standards and expectations about their staff’s professional experience and qualifications.

Furthermore, for the position of Director of Photography and chief photographer.

She couldn’t quite comprehend, but it sounded like he was really capable and talented.

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

Yan Rusheng put the bread on Xuxu’s plate, and he seemed to be aware of the doubts that Xuxu had. He slowly spoke, “He does have qualifications in photography, and he won an international photography competition.”

Xuxu was flabbergasted that her mouth was hanging wide open. “What?! He won an international photography competition?”

Yan Rusheng snorted in contempt. “What’s there to brag about? He is merely a photographer.”

There was a long pause…

The corners of Xuxu’s mouth twitched. Merely a photographer…

It was nearly impossible to get his approval and recognition!

‘I will take good care of Yueyue…’

Xuxu ate the bread in silence as she stole occasional glances at the magazine.

She recalled what Su Yan had declared on the second day the siblings entered the Yan’s family.

Even though his tone was casual, it couldn’t hide the light and capability that he possessed. She knew from that moment Su Yan was someone difficult to control or manipulate.

Su Yue had to attend tutorial classes again during the weekends.

After breakfast, Xuxu sent Su Yue for her classes at the same building.

She didn’t leave after dropping Su Yue, instead; she walked around at a nearby shopping mall. When it was 12 noon, she went up to her classroom.

The classroom was full of students. They all seemed cultured and educated children from wealthy families.


Xuxu beamed at Su Yue as she trailed after the crowd.

Su Yue heard Xuxu’s voice and her aloof face broke into a smile. She hastened her footsteps. “Third sister-in-law.”

“Are you hungry? Drink this first.” Xuxu passed her a bubble tea she bought.

Then she stretched her hand to carry her bag.

But Su Yue pushed her hand away and shook her head. “It’s okay. I can carry it myself.”

Xuxu smiled and didn’t insist.

They walked towards the elevator, and Su Yue kept her head lowered as she sipped her bubble tea.

“Su Yue!”

A boy was calling for Su Yue from behind.

Su Yue seemed to not have heard him as she continued to keep her head lowered. Xuxu paused and glanced at Su Yue with a worried look.

She stretched her hand to stop her. “Yueyue, your classmate is calling you.”

Su Yue lifted her head and finally stopped. She turned around to look at the boy walking towards her with a smile.

The boy was about the same age as her. He wore a pair of Nike track pants and a black woolen pullover. He was lanky and fit.