Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 574

Chapter 574 Hurt Far More Than Two Women?

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When he saw that Su Yue had turned towards him, he picked up his pace and practically ran towards her. “My birthday is next Friday, and I want to invite you to my party.”

Su Yue looked down and remained silent as she sipped her bubble tea. It gave people the feeling that she was extremely aloof.

There was a trace of awkwardness on the boy’s face.

Seeing this, Xuxu smiled and nudged Su Yue’s arm. “Yueyue, your classmate wants to invite you to his birthday party.”

Only then did Su Yue casually open her mouth. “Oh, I’m not going.”

Seeing his invitation being turned down, the smile on the boy’s face slowly vanished, and disappointment was written all over his face.

It had Xuxu thinking that since Su Yue was used to being neglected by people when she was still in Country Y, she developed the habit of being indifferent to people around her.

The other day, she was gleefully telling her that her teacher liked her.

But why was she displaying a different personality in front of others?

It must not continue on like that. Su Yue must have more contact with people, and she needed to socialize more. As Xuxu mulled over this, she offered a smile to the younger girl and she said, “Yueyue, your classmate is sincere about having you in his party. He will be disappointed if you didn’t turn up.”

Hearing this, Su Yue raised her head to look at her and blinked. “Third sister-in-law will you be going with me too?”

“That depends if your classmate wants to invite me.” Xuxu looked at Su Yue as she responded.

Anyone could tell that this chap is thinking of wooing Yueyue.

But Xuxu on the other hand, her intention was for Yueyue to socialize more. She wasn’t encouraging her to start a relationship at a young age.

The classmate excitedly nodded his head. “Yes, sure!”

As all of them were going down, they entered the same lift with Su Yue’s classmate.

In the lift, Su Yue grasped Xuxu’s arm with one hand, while holding the bubble tea with the other. She was chewing on the straw, too.

There were other classmates in the lift, and at one glance, Su Yue seemed incompatible with the rest, who all were laughing and talking to each other.

Xuxu sighed as she thought, “I must pay attention to this girl’s character and her psychological issues.”

After they got into the car and fastened their seatbelts, Xuxu looked at Su Yue and said, “Yueyue, let me take you out for some fun.”

“Ok!” Su Yue elatedly nodded her head without even asking where they were going.

She seemed to trust her in particular, and she had no idea why. After staring blankly at Su Yue for a while, Xuxu started her car engine.

“We’ve reached.” When they reached their destination, Xuxu stopped her car and turned to smile at Su Yue.

She got a shock when she saw Su Yue’s face. “Yueyue what happened to you?”

Su Yue lowered her head and tears welled up in her eyes. “I don’t want to stay in an orphanage.”

Upon hearing this, Xuxu’s heart skipped a beat. She reached out to hold Su Yue’s hand when she saw her anxiously kneading it. She gently comforted her. “Yueyue, I’m just bringing you to visit the children in the orphanage. I’m not sending you there to stay.”

It had her thinking, there was a need for her to find out more about this girl’s life in Country Y.

Why was she so fearful about the orphanage?

“Is it true?” Su Yue lifted her head and looked at Xuxu with tears in her eyes. She too wrapped her hands tightly over Xuxu’s, still in fear.

“It’s true.” Xuxu reassuringly nodded as she sympathetically stroked Su Yue’s head. “We have a home, so why would I send you to the orphanage?”

Seeing Su Yue in this state, Xuxu loathed Yan Weihong even more. Did he hurt far more than two women?

She felt that in any circumstance, it shouldn’t be the reason for a man to overstep his boundary. It’s wrong to be involved in an extramarital affair, and it’s an unpardonable mistake.

After Xuxu’s reassurance, the fear in Su Yue’s eyes gradually disappeared.

The moment they got off the car, they heard the children’s giggles and banter in the courtyard.