Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Where Have You Been The Entire Day?

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Su Yan’s gorgeous face revealed a bright and sunny smile. “Xuxu.”

He didn’t address her as Third sister-in-law and called her by her name most of the time.

His beige colored sweater complimented his warm personality, and he looked exceptionally cheerful which was a stark contrast to Su Yue.

“Brother, why have you become a photographer? Mommy will be unhappy.” Su Yue leaned over to Su Yan and worriedly frowned at him.

She placed one hand on the table and anxiously clenched her fist.

Xuxu noticed this as she calmly walked towards Yan Rusheng and sat beside him.

Su Yan smiled and stretched out his hand to pat Su Yue’s head. “Yueyue, in the future, do the things that you like to do.”

Then he bent his head to continue eating.

“Where have you been the entire day?”

After Xuxu sat down, Yan Rusheng cast a sideways glance at her and asked with a deep voice.

Without hesitation, Xuxu replied as a matter of fact, “In the morning, I sent Su Yue for her tutorial class, and then brought her to the orphanage in the afternoon.”

Hearing this, Yan Rusheng suddenly tightened his grip on his chopsticks as if he was exercising immense self-restraint. Gradually, he loosened his grip.

He remained silent throughout as he calmly picked up some of Xuxu’s favorite dishes for her.

The atmosphere at the dinner table hadn’t been so silent and stifling for a long time.

After dinner, Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu went upstairs together, only that Xuxu trailed behind him.

When they were upstairs, Xuxu was about to open her mouth to talk to Yan Rusheng when he suddenly retreated to the study room and closed the door after him.

Xuxu was locked out of the room, and she blankly stared at the closed door, astounded.

What happened again? Without rhyme or reason.

“Third sister-in-law.” Su Yue also went upstairs.

Xuxu was trying to guess what had happened to Yan Rusheng when she heard Su Yue calling her. She turned around and smiled, “Yes?”

“I haven’t done my homework today.” Su Yue held the books in her hands and pouted.

Xuxu understood that she didn’t know how to do her homework and smiled at her. “I’ll teach you.”

It was the countdown to the New Year, and the entire capital city was overflowing with the joyous festive spirit.

Xuxu knocked off early that night. She wanted to give Su Yue a surprise and went to school to pick her up without telling her.

When she arrived at her school, she was just in time for school dismissal.

Snowflakes were fluttering down from the sky. She parked her car and entered the school after registering her visit and walked towards the classrooms.

Students carrying their school bags were streaming out of the classrooms in groups of three or four. Xuxu looked in all direction as she walked, fearful of losing Su Yue.

When she reached the staircase, she raised her feet and was about to go upstairs.

“Third sister-in-law.”

All of a sudden, a thrilled and happy voice came from above. Xuxu curled the corners of her mouth affectionately and looked up. “Yueyue.”

Su Yue hurriedly descended the stairs and ran to Xuxu. She held onto her hand and was over the moon.

“Let’s go.”

It was very chilly and Su Yue’s tiny face turned red from the cold. Xuxu’s heart ached, and she held her hand and was preparing to leave.


Before she arrived, she had already thought that she may run into Fan Jiayin. Lo-and-behold, she actually bumped into her.

When Xuxu heard the familiar voice calling her name, she had the urge to ignore. But she felt that if she reacted this way, it would seem that she’s afraid of her.

“Miss Fang.”

In the end, she halted her steps and pensively looked at Fang Jiayin.

She was wearing a yellow colored woolen jacket. The cold breeze was running through her long flowing hair and it made her pretty face turned rosy.

“You…” Just when Fang Jiayin was about to speak, the cell phone in her pocket suddenly rang. She fished out her phone and glanced at the caller ID. After that, she gave a nod to Xuxu and answered the call. “Hello.”