Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 578

Chapter 578 Can You Send Me Home?

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Fang Jiayin was talking on the phone as she walked towards the classroom. “I picked up a handkerchief at my house. There is a picture of a cat on it. Is it yours?”

Xuxu was stunned and her expression abruptly froze. She remained rooted to the ground.

‘Yan Rusheng, where is your handkerchief?’

‘I won’t lose it.’

‘It should be somewhere in the pockets of one of my pants. I’ll look for it another day.’

‘I picked up a handkerchief at my house. There is a picture of a cat on it. Is it yours?’

Xuxu’s eyes were glistening and slightly turned red.

Su Yue looked at her and then threw a glance at the staircase. She seemed to recall something. A streak of anger and hatred appeared in her eyes.

She extended her hand to grab Xuxu’s sleeves and gently tugged it. “Third sister-in-law.”

Xuxu didn’t want to give her emotions away with Su Yue around, she felt that it would tremendously affect the younger girl. She took a deep breath to recompose herself. Then she broke into a brief smile. “Let’s go home.”

She held Su Yue’s hand and began walking.

The icy snow fell on her face and eyelashes. The cold seemed to have penetrated her heart as well.

Su Yue intently stared at the side of Xuxu’s face and she became solemn and cold.

Xuxu didn’t say anything, so Su Yue bent her head and mulled to herself.

“Yueyue, I’ll treat you to a feast.” Xuxu drove to a posh Western restaurant and informed her that they were eating outside today.

Su Yue was overjoyed as usual. “Great!”

Xuxu parked the car and brought Su Yue into the restaurant. She ordered several expensive dishes and even ordered a bottle of premium red wine.

It was dinner time, so the restaurant was crowded. They sat at a table near the windows.

Their food came, and the waiter helped Xuxu pour some wine in her glass. He wished them a fine evening before leaving.

Xuxu held her wineglass as she gazed at the red liquid swirling inside. Under the warm lighting, the wine sparkled.

Although she had a smile on her face, her eyes seemed masked with a layer of frosty ice.

She stared at the wineglass for a long time, but in the end, she placed the glass on the table.

Su Yue was surprised by her actions and Xuxu knew what she was thinking of. She smiled and shook her head. “I can’t drink at all. I’ll be drunk after a glass.”

Su Yue quipped, “You can drink a little.”

Xuxu brushed her words aside. “Yueyue, let’s eat.”

She extended her hand to pick up her cutlery and gracefully started cutting the steak. Her cell phone kept ringing in her bag, but she ignored it.

When Xuxu didn’t pick up, Su Yue’s phone rang instead.

Surprisingly, Su Yue was even more nonchalant than Xuxu. Her phone was on the table, and she didn’t even bother to glance at it.

Both of their phones took turns to ring and finally after some time, it stopped.

Xuxu grabbed her wineglass again and Su Yue lifted her head to look at her.

Xuxu smiled and asked, “Yueyue if I’m drunk, can you send me back home?”

Su Yue was confident and vigorously nodded. “Yes, of course.”

“Alright.” Xuxu broke into a contented smile and gulped down the entire glass of wine.

She was extremely sensitive to alcohol. Her body reacted quickly at the first sip.

She was giddy and she certainly she couldn’t drive in that state. Su Yue supported her and they took a taxi.

Xuxu stood outside the courtyard and the lights in the luxurious, grand mansion were reflected in her eyes. The lights seemed to be like sparkling stars in the night sky for they glowed brilliantly.

And gradually, her eyelashes were glistening with tears.

“Miss is back.”

The butler saw them and immediately opened the gates.

Su Yue held Xuxu’s hand as they walked across the courtyard and all the way to the house.

“Where did you go?”

The moment Xuxu entered the house, she bumped into Yan Rusheng. She raised her head to stare at the towering figure standing before her. Her eyes were gleaming with an unbending expression which she hasn’t used in a long while.