Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 579

Chapter 579 I Wish That She Would Disappear

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Yan Rusheng was shocked when he caught a whiff of alcohol. “Did you drink?”

He bent down and inched closer to sniff her mouth.

Xuxu shoved him away and clung on to the wall for support. She changed into her slippers and walked towards the direction of the staircase.

She was tipsy so her footsteps were unsteady.

Yan Rusheng angrily stomped after to interrogate her. “Wen Xuxu, where did you go this evening? And you even drank?! Why didn’t you pick up your phone?”

Xuxu halted on her steps as she slightly swayed on the spot. Her gaze swept past Yan Rusheng. “Do I have to report to you regarding my whereabouts?”

She continued walking and finally reached the staircase. She held onto the railing for support as she began to ascend the stairs.

Yan Rusheng grabbed her by her wrist and yelled, “Did you eat explosives?”

She didn’t pick up when he called, came back home late and drunk, and now she was lashing out at him for no apparent reason.

“Yan Rusheng, get lost.” She flung his hand away with all her might. “I… I need some time to cool down.”

She went up the staircase.

Su Yue was silently trailing after them all this time. Her gaze fixed on Xuxu.

Her attitude and words provoked Yan Rusheng. He bellowed at Su Yue to vent his anger. “Go down! If not go back to your room!”

Su Yue got a shock and quickly bent her head. She used a hand to grab the railing for support.

Xuxu was furious and raised her voice. “Yan Rusheng, are you crazy? Why did you shout at her?”

Yan Rusheng didn’t respond, and he simply lifted Xuxu and put her over his shoulder. He began climbing the stairs.

Su Yue watched both of them and her eyes were filled with worry.

Yan Rusheng carried Xuxu all the way back to their room and threw her carelessly on the couch. Then he glanced at her from a lofty position and snapped, “Wen Xuxu, say whatever that’s on your mind.”

Xuxu sat up and glared back at him. She coldly replied, “Where is the handkerchief? Didn’t you say that you would be able to find it? Have you found it after so many days?”

“Wen Xuxu!” Yan Rusheng helplessly smiled and lifted his eyebrow. “You are throwing such a huge tantrum with me over a handkerchief?”

Ha! It’s just a handkerchief!

Xuxu heard him casually dismissing her, and for her part, it felt like she was being stabbed. Her eyes turned red as she mocked herself for being too serious. “That’s right. That’s how petty I am. It’s just a handkerchief. Even the chocolate that I used to profess my love was personally destroyed by Fang Jiayin, so it doesn’t matter if it’s one more handkerchief.”

She stood up. She slowly and unsteadily staggered to the bed.

“What do you mean?” Yan Rusheng was perplexed as he grabbed her arm. “What are you trying to say?”

Xuxu looked him and in a calm voice, which was unusual for her, she said, “Did you meet Fang Jiayin in private after we returned from Country Y? Not even once?”

Her accusation stumped Yan Rusheng for words.

He knew that Xuxu must have found out about something, and before he could try to explain, Xuxu furiously flung his hand away. She shouted, “Yan Rusheng, I hate her! I’ve always hated her right from the beginning and how I wished that she would disappear!”

After yelling, she ran past Yan Rusheng and bolted for the door. She ran all the way back to her own room and angrily locked it.

Perhaps under the influence of alcohol, she started bawling loudly and uncontrollably under her blanket.

A little figure stood outside her room and her dewy eyes were also glistening with tears.

The snow fell for several days.

Su Yue slung her school bag on her shoulder after school and walked towards the arts building.

The beautiful sound of the violins ended and a pleasant voice sounded. “We have finished our lesson for today. Don’t be lazy and remember to practice at home.”