Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 580

Chapter 580 Doesn't She Always Listen To You?

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“We got it, teacher!”

The students from the violin class streamed out of the classroom.

Lastly, a tall and svelte figure sauntered out of the classroom, looking refined and graceful.

Fang Jiayin was startled to see Su Yue. “Yueyue.”

Su Yue smiled. “Teacher Fang, do you still remember that you wanted to buy me dinner?”

Fang Jiayin was surprised by her initiative and smiled as she nodded. “Certainly!”

She was actually racking her brains for an excuse to ask her out.

Su Yue seemed overjoyed. “Thank you, Teacher Fang.”

“Don’t mention it. Your Third Brother is my good friend.” Fang Jiayin casually put her hand around Su Yue’s arm as they walked out towards the school’s carpark.

Su Yue suggested steamboat even before Fang Jiayin asked.

There was a steamboat restaurant near Flourish & Splendor School that was always crowded during dinner time.

They queued for some time before they managed to get a table.

Each of them had a pot to herself, and Su Yue ordered the spicy steamboat. She intently stared at the bottom of her steamboat pot as the soup began to bubble.

Fang Jiayin began to add the ingredients into the pot.

“Yueyue, the rice cakes you ordered.” Fang Jiayin held the plate as she was about to pour it in.

Without warning, Su Yue grabbed the soup ladle, scooped the boiling soup and splashed it on Fang Jiayin’s face.

Fang Jiayin was caught off-guard as an amount of soup splashed right on her face.

“Ahhh! Ahhh!”

She jumped up in pain. She clutched her face and screamed at the top of her lungs. “My face! My face!”

The boiling soup had scorched almost her entire face—her face was doomed to be disfigured.

The customers around their table were all flustered and shaken up. Soon, they surround their table.

“What’s happening?” The waiters and restaurant manager scurried over.

Su Yue coldly gazed at Fang Jiayin who was still shrieking in pain and agony. Su Yue seemed filled with immense hatred towards Fang Jiayin as her hands were clenched tightly into fists.

The restaurant staff immediately dialed for the police when they realized what had happened. The police arrived shortly.

Fang Jiayin was sent to the hospital while they arrested and brought Su Yue to the police station.

Xuxu was working overtime in the office. When she was about to switch off her computer, her phone suddenly rang.

She glanced at her phone; it was an unknown number. She answered, “Hello.”


“I’ll be right there.”

The police station seemed extra solemn and cold at night.

Xuxu got off the car and shot like an arrow towards the police station. Her eyes frantically darted around. “Yueyue!”

Su Yue saw her and rose. “Third sister-in-law.”

“Yueyue, why did you do such a silly thing?” Xuxu hugged Su Yue for some time before pulling away. She looked at the police officer beside Su Yue. “She is still a minor. Before they press charges against her, may I take her home first?”

The police officer nodded. “Yes, her guardian can sign here and bail her out for the time being.”

He pushed a document towards Xuxu for her to sign.

Xuxu took a pen and was about to sign.

“Who said that she could go home?”

Suddenly a cold and aloof voice sounded from the door and his aura was imposing.

Xuxu’s hand, which was holding the pen, trembled a little. She turned towards the direction of the voice. The man’s gorgeous face was cold and unfeeling as he strode towards her.

“Yan Rusheng…”

Xuxu walked towards him and they met midway.

Yan Rusheng paused and coldly looked at her. “Wen Xuxu, doesn’t she always listen to you?”

Xuxu was shocked to hear his accusing tone. “What do you mean?”