Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 581

Chapter 581 Thirteen Years Of My Youth

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After Xuxu threw Yan Rusheng the question, she began to laugh before he could answer. “Hahaha…”

As she laughed, her eyes were slowly turning red.

She clenched her fists as she beat her chest. Her punches became stronger as she said, “Yan Rusheng, you…”

The rest of her sentence seemed choked, and tears brimmed her eyes. She clenched her teeth to stop her tears from spilling.

Su Yue hurriedly stretched her hand to stop her from hitting herself. She cried as she said, “Third sister-in-law!”

Yan Rusheng heard Xuxu’s mournful and bitter laughter, and it jolted him back to his senses in a split second. A sudden flash of insight hit him and everything seemed clear at once. He looked at her and was dumbstruck. He was suddenly hit by a fear that he had never known.

He stretched his hand towards her…

She suddenly turned around and grabbed a pair of scissors from the pen container on a desk.


“Third sister-in-law!”

“Don’t be rash!”

Several anxious voices sounded at the same time.

Yan Rusheng rushed forward as he attempted to snatch the scissors away. But Xuxu swiftly avoided him.

The next moment, she grabbed the end of her ponytail, shut her eyes, and cut it. She cut away thirteen years of her youth.

Her tears gushed down.

Su Yue almost fell apart when she saw Xuxu cutting off her hair. She collapsed to the ground with a heavy thud as she covered her head with her hands. She cried in pain. “I hate third parties and mistresses! Why must they exist? If there are no mistresses, there won’t be any illegitimate children. And if there are no illegitimate children, I won’t be sent to an orphanage…”

Su Yue’s heartbreaking confession shocked everyone who was present.

It broke their hearts.

Yan Rusheng blankly stared at Xuxu. The latter was smiling bitterly. “I am trading thirteen years of youth, in which I’ve stayed by your side, in exchange for Su Yue’s safety.”

Then she picked up her hair and threw it into the air.

Her locks dramatically fell to the ground.

Xuxu walked through the mess without a trace of longing.

‘I am trading my thirteen years of youth, in which I’ve stayed by your side…’

Xuxu’s words echoed in Yan Rusheng’s ear as he stood there in a daze, watching as she walked farther and farther away. It felt as though the entire world was leaving him.

“Third Yan!”

Lu Yinan and Ming Ansheng had rushed to the police station when they received the news. Both of them were shocked and stunned to see Su Yue kneeling on the floor in a pile of hair.

They rushed inside without a second thought.

“Don’t come here!” Yan Rusheng bent his head as he stared at the hair on the floor. He squatted down slowly and stretched his hand to pick up the hair.

The officers realized what he was doing. They quickly found him a clean bag for him to collect the hair.

Lu Yinan and Ming Ansheng stopped in their tracks to watch him. Although they were clueless to what had just happened, they knew that the hair must have belonged to Xuxu.

Ming Ansheng was jolted back to his senses as he glanced at Su Yue who was kneeling on the ground, pitifully sobbing.

He hastily went to her, avoiding Yan Rusheng in the process. He bent down and gently said, “Little lass, get up quickly.”

He extended his hand to help her, but she was obstinate and refused. So he had no choice but to carry her forcefully against her will.

He easily lifted her petite body.

It made his heart ache.

Yan Rusheng was still picking up Xuxu’s hair on the floor, and he made sure to collect every strand that he could see.

After collecting her hair, he carefully sealed the bag.

He stood up and glanced at Su Yue who was still in Ming Ansheng’s arms. “Send her home on my behalf.”

He turned around to leave.

Ming Ansheng and Lu Yinan rushed towards him. “Yan Rusheng, what exactly had happened?”

Yan Rusheng didn’t seem to hear them as he continued walking. He got in his car and started the engine.

The snow kept falling, and the ground was all covered with a layer of frost.