Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Please Conduct Yourself With Dignity

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He knew that it was impossible, but he still answered the phone with full anticipation. “Hello, Xuxu.”

However, it was Aunt Zhang’s voice on the other line. “Third Young Master, there are a few police officers at our house. They have come to take little Miss to the police station.”

A hint of disappointment flashed across Yan Rusheng’s eyes. He faintly replied, “I got it. Get them to wait for me, I’ll be right back.”

He swiftly ended the call and started his car engine.

A few police officers were seated in the living room. When they saw Yan Rusheng stepping inside, they stood up in unison and smiled to acknowledge him.

“President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng ignored them and swept a glance at Su Yue who was seated at the sofa with her head bowed. Su Yan was standing next to her, calmed and composed, without a trace of concern on his face.

Yan Rusheng averted his gaze from the siblings and turned to the police officers. “What’s the situation?”

He spoke as he walked.

The lead police officer gave a helpless smile. “The family members of the victim, Fang Jiayin, had already lodged a police report. Thus, we have to go by the books and bring Miss Su back to the police station for investigation.”

Yan Rusheng nodded his head. “I got it. Please go back first and I’ll personally bring her over in a while.”

Hearing this, Su Yue subconsciously reached out to grab Su Yan’s arm in an anxious manner.

Without giving Su Yan a chance to reassure her, Yan Rusheng walked over to her and asked, “Have you had your breakfast?”

Su Yue shook her head.

“Go and have your breakfast,” Yan Rusheng lightly answered. As compared to before, his voice and tone exuded much more warmth and tenderness.

Su Yue lifted her head and looked at him in astonishment, but he had already walked away from her and headed for the staircase.

Yan Rusheng changed into a new set of clothes and rushed to the hospital.

Secretary Liu and his wife were seated outside the ward. When he saw Yan Rusheng, Secretary Liu stood up and walked towards him. “President Yan, even though she’s your sister, what will happen to Jiayin’s face? Her mum had already passed out a couple of times.”

Yan Rusheng coldly raised his eyebrows. He then directly exposed Secretary Liu’s thoughts. “Secretary Liu, are you making use of this matter to negotiate terms with me? Or are you purely attacking me?”

If it wasn’t because he’s the capital city’s committee secretary, would the police dare to go over to his house early in the morning?

Even if it’s for matters relating to murder and arson, they would have to give him a call to inform him beforehand.

“President Yan, you don’t have to watch what you eat, but you have to watch what you say.” With a strong sense of justice, Secretary Liu said, “I am now acting in the capacity of Jiayin’s uncle and not as a secretary.”


Suddenly, there was a loud clattering sound of a fallen metal basin coming from the ward.

It caught the people outside in a shock. The next moment, a woman’s frenzied shouts and piercing shrieks could be heard coming from inside.

“Get lost! All of you get out of my sight and no one is to come in.”

“I don’t want you to come in. I want you to get lost. Do you hear me?”

Yan Rusheng took a step towards the ward’s door and was about to open the door when Secretary Liu suddenly rushed over to stop him. “Jiayin is emotionally unstable, and it’s better for President Yan not to go in and agitate her further. This child is already quite pitiful.”

Yan Rusheng coldly replied, “Secretary Liu, please conduct yourself with dignity.”

With that, he shoved Secretary Liu aside. As Secretary Liu was slightly plump, he took a stumble but lucky for him, his wife caught hold of him in the nick of time.

Yan Rusheng pushed the door open. There were two nurses patiently persuading the woman sitting on the bed. The woman’s entire face was wrapped in bandages, revealing only her eyes.

“Miss Fang, you need to be put on an IV drip, otherwise there might be a risk of infection.”

“I don’t want it. Get lost.” Fang Jiayin pointed to the door and hollered at the nurses. Her tresses were in a complete mess.