Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 585

Chapter 585 And Because Of It His Heart Broke.

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The hospital gown hung loosely on her body; she was all skin and bones.

As he watched her, Yan Rusheng was overwhelmed with guilt… only guilt.

He thought, regardless if it’s pretense or even a short-term illusion, he’s still in the wrong. He didn’t know what love was.

He still felt that he had let Fang Jiayin down.


Yan Rusheng stepped into the ward.

When she heard his voice, Fang Jiayin immediately covered her bandaged face with her hands. She frantically shook her head. “Don’t come over, don’t come over.”

She turned her face away and pulled a blanket over to cover herself from head to toe.

“Ah Sheng, don’t come over.”

Fang Jiayin hid under the blanket, her voice quivering.

When Yan Rusheng walked over, he bent down and caught hold of one corner of the blanket. He attempted to pull it off, but to no avail as Fang Jiayin was gripping it tightly from the inside. Since she was emotionally unstable, he didn’t dare to exert too much strength.

“Please calm down.” He comforted her calmly. “The doctor said that the wounds on your face are superficial. If you comply with treatment, there’s a possibility of a complete recovery.”

Fang Jiayin still refused to reveal herself and started wailing under the blanket. “Ah Sheng, I can’t face anyone anymore in the future. I’m disfigured!”

Yan Rusheng assured her. “I’ll do my best to help you make a full recovery.”

Hearing Yan Rusheng’s comforting words, Fang Jiayin slightly calmed down, but she was still choking on her words. “Ah Sheng, I know that you are consoling me.”

“I’ve already asked people to get in touch with the best skin reconstructive hospital overseas.”

“It’s not possible, not possible to make a full recovery.”

Fang Jiayin got agitated and shivered under the blanket.

Yan Rusheng placed his hands under the blanket and gently patted her on her shoulders. “Trust me.”

This worked and Fang Jiayin hushed down. She slowly lifted the blanket and summoned her courage to look up at Yan Rusheng.

“Ah Sheng, if I’m disfigured, will you despise me?”

Her pair of eyes were red and puffy, and the stored tears almost spilled out of her eyes.

Yan Rusheng smiled and looked at her with firmness. “You will definitely recover.”

Definitely and a must.

He had to ensure that Su Yue is safe and sound in a way where he would no longer remain obligated to Fang Jiayin.

After Yan Rusheng had comforted her, Fang Jiayin agreed to cooperate with the doctor and nurses and undergo treatment.

“President Yan.”

“President Yan.”

Yan Rusheng stepped out of the lift and hurriedly walked to his office. When he stepped inside, his gaze landed on the seat that was nearest to his office.

The person he’s looking for was nowhere in sight, and his breathing became sluggish.

This time, she was bent on severing all ties with him.

Regardless of how they quarreled in the past or the extent of their cold war, she would still report for work as usual and would keep her emotions in check at work.

Yan Rusheng, you have hurt an unyielding Xuxu and caused her to leave with disappointment. Even if you’re shot a million times, you won’t be able to make up for it.

The cell phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He retracted his gaze from Xuxu’s desk and fished out his phone. The caller was Lu Yinan.

He hurriedly answered the call as he turned around to walk towards the direction of the lift.

Lu Yinan said, “Zhou Shuang said that Wen Xuxu didn’t look for her nor contacted her.”

Yan Rusheng halted his steps and replied, “I got it.”

He had already anticipated this. She’s an obstinate person and would never approach anyone when she’s down.

And because of it, his heart broke.