Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 586

Chapter 586 There Wasn't A Slight Trace From Her

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After some deliberation, Yan Rusheng decided to make a trip to the clinic to take a look even though he knew that Xuxu would never look up her grandfather.

After he had stopped the car, he unfastened the seatbelt, got off the car and shot like an arrow towards the clinic. He pushed aside the PVC strip curtain and saw grandfather seated at the bar counter. He was playing on his computer.

He opened his mouth and asked directly, “Grandfather, is Xuxu at your place?”

He asked as he walked in.

The old man averted his gaze away from the computer and looked at Yan Rusheng. Seeing his anxious and worried look, the elderly man hurriedly stood up and moved towards him. “She’s not here. Did the two of you quarrel?”

Just as he had anticipated! He already knew the outcome, but it still disappointed and worried him. It was painted all over his face.

He shook his head and responded, “No.”

She wasn’t at the apartment, and she didn’t look for Zhou Shuang. She was also not at grandfather’s place and couldn’t have looked for Jiang Zhuoheng either, so where could she have gone?

The capital city is so huge, but she only knew a few friends.

One night had already passed. She was all alone out there, and they heard not even the slightest news from her.

Xuxu, where are you?

“Grandfather, I have something on and will make a move first.” Yan Rusheng was burning with anxiety. He turned around to leave.

“Come back.” The old man grabbed hold of him. With furrowed eyebrows, he calmly spoke, “She called this morning. The two of you must have quarreled.”

Hearing this, Yan Rusheng’s eyes sparkled. He excitedly spun around and grabbed hold of the old man’s hand. “Grandfather, what did she say over the phone?”

There was news, as long as there’s news.

Instead of responding to Yan Rusheng’s query, the old man looked at him and raised a question using a stern voice. “Third Yan, tell me the truth. Did you bully my Xuxu again?”

“Grandfather, I…” Yan Rusheng lowered his head. “I have broken her heart and made her sad.”

Yan Rusheng had expected the old man to lecture him.

The old man unexpectedly sighed. He earnestly said, “Xuxu had invested a lot for your sake. All these while, she refused to say and I won’t say anything on her behalf either. I’m already advanced in age and have not much time left. Before I passed on, I hope that the two of you will lead a happy life.”

Yan Rusheng remorsefully lowered his head. “I’ve let Xuxu down.”

Seeing him in this state, the old man didn’t say any more harsh words, but his tone was still unpleasant. “It’s good that you’re aware. In her call, she merely asked if my health was good and nothing else. Quickly go and look for her. Once you’ve found her, come back for dinner together.”

“Okay.” Yan Rusheng nodded his head.

‘Once you’ve found her, come back for dinner together.’

Would he still have a chance?

Seeing how Yan Rusheng had hastily left, the old man furrowed his eyebrows and cursed softly. “This bad lass now knows how to run away from home after an argument. Finally, she has some backbone.”

Qi Lei stood at a corner and laughed.

There’s no other grandfather who would encourage his granddaughter to run away from home after a quarrel.

In this vast capital city, aimlessly looking for a person is as if finding a needle from a haystack.

Yan Rusheng combed all the streets of Yizhong and every place that they’ve been to.

Not here, not there, she was nowhere in sight.

She had already cut off her hair and the past, so why would she still come here?

Memories filled the place.

Ming Ansheng and the rest helped him to check the airport, train stations, and bus stations, but there were no records of Xuxu’s ticket purchase.

Yan Rusheng grew despondent. He sat in the car—tobacco stench had already filled it.

A week had passed. Xuxu seemed to have disappeared into thin air and there wasn’t a slight trace from her.