Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 588

Chapter 588 I Will Drop The Lawsuit

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Was the name ‘Yan Xu’ not referring to Xuxu?

It’s impossible. With his reasoning and intuition, he was certain that Yan Xu was Xuxu.

But who did the child belong to?

He knew that perhaps she became bitterly disappointed with him midway and wanted to give up.

But he refused to believe. He refused to believe that her two months’ relationship with Jiang Zhuoheng would develop to that extent.

Xuxu, what actually happened back then?

Fang Jiayin had no idea what had caused Yan Rusheng to be lost in his thoughts, but she had an uneasy feeling in her heart.

She was crying as she said, “I shouldn’t have left without a word. I shouldn’t have left you, but I had no choice. I…”

Yan Rusheng cut her off all of a sudden. “Jiayin, you have good intentions and I am extremely grateful to you. Hold on to your aspiration and don’t lose yourself.”

If she didn’t leave, he thought, even if he found out that he had fallen for Wen Xuxu, it would still be too late.

Now that she suddenly came back and repeatedly irked Xuxu, her intention was obvious.

At the end of it, all he wanted was to part with her without any hard feelings. After all, he was the one who gave her hope, and that was his greatest mistake.

He was reluctant to let go of the precious memories of their gentle first night. He remembered how it was bursting with fireworks. Thus, he was reluctant to forget that gentle profession of love.

‘Ah Sheng, I like you.’

He had always thought that the profession of love was what he had been waiting for. But come to think of it, perhaps, he had been waiting for Xuxu all these while instead.

There was a sudden flash of understanding and it all became clear to him.

Yan Rusheng lowered his eyes and lightly gazed at Fang Jiayin. “I love Xuxu, from then until now. Almost everyone could tell while I’m the only one who was completely in the dark. I won’t get back with you out of sheer guilt, otherwise, it would be unfair to you and I believe that you’re too conceited to want that to happen too.”

His cold and distant tone caused Fang Jiayin to shudder suddenly.

Her head remained lowered. She spoke softly. “I know. You don’t have to feel guilty towards me. I’ve done everything out of my own accord, even loving you was my own choice.”

Yan Rusheng assured her, “Adhere to treatment and you will definitely regain your looks and be able to hold your head up high again.”

“Thank you, Ah Sheng.” Fang Jiayin took a sniff and raised her head. She looked at Yan Rusheng with reddened eyes and smiled brightly. “I’ll drop the lawsuit. I won’t make things difficult for Su Yue.”

Yan Rusheng smiled with relief. “Thank you.”

This was the first time he earnestly thanked Fang Jiayin.

Fang Jiayin forced a smile. “Actually, this was what you had wanted.”

It was because of old times’ sake, otherwise, he could have forced them to drop the lawsuit with his own means.

Yan Rusheng pursed his lips and remained silent.

When she didn’t hear a further response from Yan Rusheng, Fang Jiayin clenched the bedsheets tightly with her hands.

“Wen Xuxu, three years ago, you’ve destroyed my life as a woman and now, you’ve ruined my face. I will not let you lead a good life,” she thought.

“Yinyin, why are we dropping the lawsuit? How can they push people around just because they are powerful and influential?”

Fang Jiayin’s mother angrily said while they were in the car on the way to the airport. She felt sorry for Fang Jiayin and held her hand.

Secretary Liu who was seated in front, turned back. “Alright sister, since she doesn’t want to save her own face, it’s no use talking further. Ungrateful wretch.”

Fang Jiayin ignored him and looked down. A trace of gloominess flashed across her eyes.

The car arrived at the airport and pulled to a stop at the departure terminal.

Secretary Liu and his wife remained in the car. It was only Fang Jiayin’s parents alighted.

“Uncle, please drive slowly when you go back.” Fang Jiayin got down from the car and gave a word of concern to Secretary Liu. Without waiting for Secretary Liu to respond, she closed the door behind her.