Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 590

Chapter 590

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The moment Qin Shaomin glimpsed Fang Jiayin’s face, it drained his face of color. His mouth hung open and fear lingered in his eyes for a long time.

Fang Jiayin smiled as she had succeeded.

It took some time for Qin Shaomin to snap out from his shock. “A few days ago, I read that someone splashed boiling water on your face at a restaurant. I had presumed that the news article was a fake.”

Fang Jiayin sneered. “Now that you know that it’s true that my face is disfigured. Won’t you hurry and scram?”

Qin Shaomin erased his lewd smile and instead, pity clouded his eyes. “It’s alright, I believe that you will recover and regain your looks. Jiayin, I really like you very much. If it wasn’t for the fact that my family business had gone bust in the last few years, I would have gone to Country Y to look for you.”

When she looked at Qin Shaomin’s face, hatred consumed her. She felt like killing him. If it wasn’t for that night…

Fang Jiayin opened her mouth to say something nasty to Qin Shaomin, when a sudden thought occupied her mind. She quietly began plotting a scheme in her mind.

She asked, “Qin Shaomin, do you really love me?”

Qin Shaomin saw that Fang Jiayin had finally changed her attitude towards him, so he happily nodded. “It’s true! After I’ve slept with you that night, I just don’t feel interested in other women.”

His real personality was revealed once again.

Fang Jiayin detested the words from his mouth. “Shut up and close your stinky mouth!”

She paused and continued softly. “Wen Xuxu is the reason my face is like this, that bitch. Help me find her and let her have a taste of being disfigured too.”

Qin Shaomin heard her and couldn’t quite believe his ears. “I thought she seemed to be quite kind-hearted? She doesn’t look like someone so evil to me.”

Fang Jiayin glared at him. She snapped, “So you’re saying I’m the evil one?”

Why was everyone praising that bitch? She had always maintained that pretentious aloofness and arrogance. In reality, she was just a slut. She had schemed to sleep with Ah Sheng while he was drunk.

She had done so many despicable things; why wasn’t anyone aware of her true character?

“I don’t mean it that way. How can you be someone evil?” Qin Shaomin hastily explained, “But at least you need to tell me where are you heading to.”

Fang Jiayin quipped, “I’m going for reconstructive surgery overseas and I’ll recover very soon.”

It overjoyed Qin Shaomin. “I’ll wait for you.”

Fang Jiayin coldly replied, “If you don’t help me to seek revenge, don’t ever think of looking for me.”

“Don’t worry. I have a few connections in the capital city. I’m meeting them to discuss some business opportunities during my trip. I’ll definitely help you to vent your anger.” Qin Shaomin patted his chest as he promised her. He suddenly stretched his hand to snatch Fang Jiayin’s cell phone. He then used her phone to call his own number.

He hung up after his phone rang. He returned the phone back to Fang Jiayin and gave her a lewd smile once more. “Darling, I’ll wait for you to come back to my embrace.”

Fang Jiayin held on tightly to her phone as she coldly glanced at him. She swept past him without another word.

‘Wen Xuxu, Qin Shaomin! A b*tch and a b*stard, both of you can go to hell together!’

If she can’t get what she wanted, the best way to make her anger dissolve was to make them destroy each other.

Early in the morning, all the employees in the Jiang corporation were swamped with work. It was the last working day of the year.

The elevator went straight to the top floor. The door opened, and Yan Rusheng gloomily walked towards the President’s office.

Everyone turned to look at him the second he set foot inside the office.

When he was about to reach Jiang Zhuoheng’s office, Jiang Zhuoheng’s secretary hurried towards him. “President Yan.”

They were acquaintances and Yan Rusheng nodded at him. “Is Jiang Zhuoheng in?”