Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 591

Chapter 591 Wen Xuxu's Foolishness Has Reached Greater Heights

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Hu Yang answered, “President Jiang went for a meeting. He should be back soon.”

“Yan Rusheng?”

Speak of the devil. Jiang Zhuoheng had just returned from his meeting.

His voice rang behind Yan Rusheng. Their eyes met when Yan Rusheng turned around to face him.

The atmosphere became abnormally tensed and strained all of a sudden. Nobody dared to openly ogle at the President of Flourish & Prosper, who had made such a surprise visit, anymore. All of them bent down and began to work.

Jiang Zhuoheng walked past Yan Rusheng with an apathetic expression. Yan Rusheng stiffly trailed after him.

Both of them entered Jiang Zhuoheng’s office one after another.

Hu Yang followed closely behind and when they entered the room, he stood outside to shut the door.

Jiang Zhuoheng glanced at him. He then instructed, “Tea is not needed.”

Hu Yang bowed and replied, “Yes.”

Once the door was shut, Yan Rusheng impatiently spoke to Jiang Zhuoheng. “Did something happen to Xuxu that year?”

Jiang Zhuoheng froze before gradually turning around. He wasn’t sure what Yan Rusheng was referring to. He coldly said, “Third Yan, make yourself clear.”

“I’ve found out that Xuxu…” Yan Rusheng began to stammer since he knew that Xuxu had deliberately concealed the truth, and he knew Jiang Zhuoheng was also kept in the dark regarding this secret. “That year… Xuxu was pregnant when you just left for your studies abroad.”

He had barely said his last word when Jiang Zhuoheng rushed towards him. The man bellowed, “Yan Rusheng!”

White-hot anger leaped inside of Jiang Zhouheng. A swift and heavy punch landed on Yan Rusheng’s face after.

Jiang Zhuoheng used almost all of his strength with his punch. Yan Rusheng stumbled a few steps backward and almost lost consciousness.

Jiang Zhuoheng came up to him once more as he grabbed his collar. His face contorted with rage as he swooped down on him. “What you have owed Xuxu, you can never repay her in this or the next lifetime!”

His eyes flashed scarlet and incredibly, it was slightly glistening with tears as well.

His raging reaction baffled Yan Rusheng. “What… what do you mean?”

He knew that Jiang Zhuoheng must have known something; he definitely knew who the father of Xuxu’s child was.

Jiang Zhuoheng pushed Yan Rusheng to his desk as his tears began to well up. “Do you know how much she made others worry for her? I asked myself often, how can such a strong and determined person exist in this world?”

“She was such an outstanding girl. Why did she have to waste her youth on a jerk like you? Do you know how she felt every time you appeared together with Fang Jiayin before her?”

Jiang Zhuoheng raised his voice. “You don’t know, but I do! It’s just like how I’ve always stood beside her, but her eyes would always be looking at you.”

“My heart would ache every single time when I saw how heartbroken she was. She would brush it off lightly and said that she was fine. She always says that once you’re married, she would find a man who would love her very much, and that man would love her like how she loves you.”

“On the surface, it may seem that she argues with you often but in reality, she always let you have your way. Who would be so patient to painstakingly scrap off all the cream on top of the cake every single time? When you go out for meals, will your Fang Jiayin remember to instruct the waiters in private to not add scallions to all the dishes and not put potatoes in potato curry chicken?”

“Yan Rusheng, all these didn’t happen in just one or two years. It spanned for more than a decade!”

Jiang Zhuoheng blew up and had exploded this time around. His years of rage, regrets, and sorrow were all vented on Yan Rusheng.

“Wen Xuxu’s foolishness has reached greater heights.”

He relinquished his grip on Yan Rusheng’s collar. His voice had trembled so much because of his fury, and it only proved how much he had doted and loved Xuxu.