Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 592

Chapter 592 He Finally Felt It

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Yan Rusheng stood there in a daze. It was as if every word that Jiang Zhuoheng had said, pierced his heart like how a needle would.

He came to realize that he had lived his life in vain for nearly 20 years.

He had been so muddle-headed and an absolute jerk. He even began to despise himself.

Jiang Zhuoheng’s voice sounded once more. “Someone saw Xuxu coming out from your room on the second morning of my farewell party.”

Yan Rusheng froze with his eyes wide open. He remained rooted on the spot.

‘Ah Sheng, I’m in pain…’

‘Ah Sheng, I like you.’

“Xuxu…” Yan Rusheng had a bottle of beer in his hands as he clumsily staggered into the house. He went straight into a woman’s embrace, and put his arms around her. “Xuxu… Xuxu.”

He bent and rested his head on the woman’s shoulder. He repeatedly mumbled Xuxu’s name.

It was the name etched on his heart.

It had been more than 10 days, and it was already New Year’s eve on the next day. Xuxu seemed to have vanished into thin air.

“You silly boy, finally you’re looking for Xuxu. Look carefully, I’m your mother,” reproved Mu Li as she pushed him away. But the next second, her hands supported him by holding onto his arms.

She had watched how her son had fallen into despair in the last days. She softly chided, “If you’ve known this would happen, why did you do something that would hurt her?”

She heavily sighed as she wondered to herself. Why did these two kids end up in this way?

Yan Rusheng pushed Mu Li away. He held on to the wall for support as he clumsily tried to remove his shoes. He walked into the living room with his socks on.

“Third Brother.” A tiny figure came towards him.

Yan Rusheng managed a tiny smile as he stretched his hand and affectionately stroked her head. “Yueyue.”

Even this young lass knew how good Xuxu was even though she barely knew her for a month. She had tried her best to protect and defend Xuxu.

Yet, he had hurt her repeatedly.

Su Yue raised her head as she watched him with a pair of sparkling eyes. “Third Brother, don’t drink so much in the future. Third sister-in-law doesn’t like it when you drink.”

Yan Rusheng heard her soft reminder, and he broke into a wide smile. He nodded and said, “Okay.”

In the future, he would only do the things that Xuxu liked.

He tottered as he went towards the staircase. He clumsily swayed as he ascended the stairs.

He wrenched the door open and switched on the light.

Inside the bedroom, Xuxu’s stuff was still as they originally were. Her pajamas were on the couch and her diary on the table at the balcony. A book that she had recently been reading was on top of the bedside drawer. A bookmark peeked out of the book.

It was almost as if she was still staying in the room for the past few days.

But he couldn’t feel her presence at all nor did her smell linger.

Originally, he was supposed to have a complete Xuxu.

She had strived so hard to stay by his side for so many years.

‘I have fallen in love with this one guy for many years. From the first awakening of love until now…’

Yan Rusheng hugged Xuxu’s pillow, and he buried his head with it. There was a faint scent of her hair, but it felt almost surreal.

“Xuxu, Xuxu…”

The person who had accompanied him for the past 20 years had vanished without a trace.

What it felt like to be heartbroken; he finally felt it.

It was Chinese New Year’s Eve. The sound of firecrackers filled the air early in the morning.

The whole capital city was bustling and everyone was in a festive mood. People were all rushing home to spend the night with their loved ones.

He was the only one aimlessly driving around.

“She didn’t come back, but she called earlier this morning. You should go home.”

“Third Yan, just let her be. She needs to recuperate and recharge.”

The evening was getting dark. His cell phone continuously rang, but he didn’t pick up. He continued to drive back home.