Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 593

Chapter 593 Happy Chinese New Year

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There were two huge lanterns hanging at the entrance, both of which were lit.

There were rhyming couplets hanging on the gates. Since it was still Grandmother’s mourning period, they had specifically selected the couplets.

There were two long strings of firecrackers in the courtyard as well.

Yan Rusheng drove his car into the courtyard and stopped. Aunt Zhang came out and saw him. She was rather excited as she yelled, “Second Madam! Third Young Master is back!”

Mu Li and Su Yue came running out of the house when they heard Aunt Zhang.

“Third Yan…”

“Third brother!”

It was Chinese New Year’s Eve, and they had assumed that he wouldn’t be coming home.

Yan Rusheng gave them a fleeting tiny smile and walked into the house.

Yan Weihong was already in the dining room. He was wearing a dark brown woolen shirt with a pair of gold spectacles. He merely threw a casual glance at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng addressed him. “Father.”

Yan Weihong grunted in response before continuing in his deep voice. “Hurry and sit down. Your mother prepared all this for the entire afternoon.”

Mu Li and Su Yue sat down as well.

Mu Li suddenly said, “Xuxu called earlier just now.”

Yan Rusheng raised his head in anticipation.

The corners of Mu Li’s mouth twitched. “She didn’t say anything else other than wishing your father and me a Happy Chinese New Year.”

Yan Rusheng softly mumbled ‘oh’ . It wasn’t much of a surprise that Xuxu would call his mother.

She was someone who was able to differentiate between what was important and what was not. She had always tried her best not to let the elders worry.

It was New Year Eve and she would definitely call back since she was alone somewhere.

Because of Su Yue and Su Yan, Yan Weiye’s family didn’t come over for dinner.

Grandmother and Xuxu were absent as well.

Yan Weihong had to abstain from alcohol as he had just recovered from his surgery. So there were only soft drinks and water on the table.

The atmosphere was dull and solemn that night.

Usually, the butler and Aunt Zhang separately ate from them, except for reunion dinners.

But this year, they quickly ate and excused themselves.

Yan Rusheng, Mu Li, Su Yue, and Yan Weihong were the only ones left.

After dinner, Yan Rusheng took out a red packet and gave it to Su Yue who sat beside him. “Yueyue, you’ve grown a year older.”

Su Yue happily received it. “Thank you, Third Brother.”

Yan Rusheng gave her an affectionate smile, and a thought struck him. “Where is Su Yan?”

Su Yue answered, “My brother left yesterday. He said he wanted to make use of the holidays to tour the southern part of China.”

Yan Rusheng gave a weak smile and didn’t respond.

He glanced at Mu Li and Yan Weihong who was sitting across them. He was about to excuse himself.

They could hear Aunt Zhang’s happy laughter. “Young Master Ming, Young Master Lu, both of you are early.”

“Aunt Zhang, Happy Chinese New Year!”

“Happy Chinese New Year to you, too!”

Ming Ansheng and Lu Yinan entered the dining room amidst the chatter.

Both young masters were casually dressed in bright colors, and they seemed more vibrant and lively.

“Uncle Yan, Aunt Mu Li, Happy Chinese New Year!”

They entered and wished both Mu Li and Yan Weihong at the same time.

Yan Weihong nodded in response.

Mu Li beamed at them. “Young lads, have you both eaten your reunion dinner?”

Lu Yinan answered, “We had an early dinner.”

“Su Yue, you’ve grown a year older. Finally, an adult!” Ming Ansheng walked to Su Yue and gave her a red packet. He affectionately stroked her head at the same time.

Lu Yinan noticed it, and he wasn’t quite pleased. “Hey, Ming Ansheng. What kind of friend are you? Why didn’t you remind me to prepare a red packet as well?”