Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Im Not Sure Either

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Everyone broke into laughter, while Yan Rusheng was the only one looking void of expression.

They talked for a while more in the kitchen before adjourning to the living room.

“Come and have some fruits. I’ll go do my stuff and leave you young people to chat.”

Mu Li brought out a platter of fruits and placed it on the coffee table.

Mu Li sent the servants home for Chinese New Year; only Aunt Zhang was left to cook and to clean up.

Hence, Mu Li was busy the entire day.

“Third Yan, did Xuxu go overseas?”

“But she would need to take a plane. Even if she took a cruise, there would still be a record of her departure.”

“Will she be at her grandfather’s place?”

They sat down and discussed.

Yan Rusheng narrowed his eyes as he frowned. He firmly shook his head. “No, she won’t.”

Was it because he didn’t know or understand her well enough? Was that why he had no idea where she would be?

He was completely clueless and had no idea where to start.

Lu Yinan spoke after mulling over the possibilities. “Didn’t she call back? Are we able to track the location of her phone?”

Ming Ansheng’s eyes instantly lit up. “Yeah!”

Yan Rusheng closed his eyes as he leaned backward on his chair, apparently not listening to them.

“Host X hasn’t been home for years to be with his family. He had to host the Chinese New Year show. That’s why tonight our production crew has specially invited his parents over to our show.”

The TV channel was introducing a touching segment about the importance of family ties.


Yan Rusheng abruptly widened his eyes and straightened his back.

His sudden action took Ming Ansheng and Lu Yinan by shock.

“What happened? You frightened us!”

“Did you guess the place Xuxu might be at right now?”

“I’m not sure either.” Yan Rusheng rose and hurriedly dialed a number on his phone. “Qiao Jian, book the earliest flight to N city.”

Both Ming Ansheng and Lu Yinan coincidentally glanced at each other.

How could they have left out that place?

N City—it was Xuxu’s old house in the southern part of China.

Yan Rusheng hastily packed his belongings and changed into a white woolen shirt and jeans. He held a piece of small luggage in his hand while the other grabbed a coat. Just then his phone rang.

“The earliest flight is tomorrow afternoon?”

“How about trains? Any motor vehicles?”

“Hurry up.”

A small town rested quietly in the southern part of China. Mountains surrounded it, and the weather was cold and wet.

The town had a quiet and traditional charm. There were roadside stalls selling all sorts of candies and firecrackers. The festive atmosphere was strong.

A gorgeous man wearing a black and white coat with a blue shirt underneath was walking through the town. He was carrying a huge backpack on his back with a camera hung around his neck.

He had followed this short-haired girl for two streets, but she didn’t notice him at all. She was too engrossed with buying food and snacks from the roadside stalls.

The girl wore a white thick pullover and a pair of dark red leggings. She wore brown boots and slung a black bag on her shoulder. Her hands were filled with candies and snacks.

She stopped again at a stall as her eyes greedily stared at the food.

The man stopped in his tracks as well. He broke into a wide smile. His smile looked as bright as the sun.

He raised his camera and took a photo of the girl.

Finally, the girl sensed that someone was watching her. She turned around.

Her tiny and exquisite face finally appeared in the frame.

“Don’t move.”