Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 597

Chapter 597 The Heavens Could Not Tolerate It Any Longer

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She inched her body forward and planted a gentle kiss on the tombstone.

The scattering images of her parents flashed across her mind, and tears started to sting her eyes.

‘If it weren’t for that natural disaster, you would still be around and I would be by your side. How wonderful it would be.’

The flight was in the afternoon. By the time it reached N City, it was already past 2 p.m. Yan Rusheng hailed a cab to the county in Xuxu’s hometown.

The town rested in a mountainous area, and the tallest building was only about 20 storeys high.

As it was the New Year, the local culture and customs flaunted the streets and everywhere else in the small town.

Yan Rusheng’s towering figure maneuvered through the bustling streets swarmed with people. Roadside stalls and hawkers could be seen everywhere.

Just his handsome look and dignified aura were enough to catch people’s interests, and with a piece of luggage in tow, one could definitely tell that he’s from another part of the country.

Along the way, he repeatedly attracted the attention of the local girls.


Suddenly, he caught sight of a petite girl wearing a pink down-feather jacket. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail that extended to her waist.

He excitedly gave out a shout and abandoned his luggage before eagerly dashing forward. Wild with joy, he caught hold of the girl’s arm and was about to haul her into his arms.

“Ahhh. what are you trying to do?”

With Yan Rusheng’s grip, the girl screamed in fear.

The commotion attracted the attention of the people around them.

After seeing the girl’s face, Yan Rusheng instantly released his grip and profusely apologized. “I’m sorry. I’ve got the wrong person.”

He turned around and went back to retrieve his luggage.

“Crazy man,” the girl yelled at him from behind.

He lowered his gaze, and his heart was tainted with bitterness.

‘Xuxu, I’ve forgotten that you no longer have long hair.’

Facing a large cemetery full of identical tombstones, Yan Rusheng felt helpless.

He wasn’t sure if Xuxu had returned to that place, wasn’t even certain if Xuxu ever visited here. But since he’s already there, he had to visit the place.

He dragged his luggage and combed through the tombstones one by one.

Yan Rusheng stopped in his steps and looked at the snacks that were left untouched in front of the tombstone. He bent down and opened up a bag of chestnut. He extended his hand into the bag; it was still warm to the touch. His heart excitedly started beating and seemed that it would jump out any minute. “Xuxu.”

He straightened up and scanned the surroundings once morearound him were hills and mountains.


He shouted at the top of his lungs. As long as she appeared before him, he would be willing to do whatever she wanted him to.

But the only response he got was the echo of his own voice.

“Father, Mother! I’m sorry.” Yan Rusheng turned around, dropped to his knees and kowtowed three times before Xuxu’s parents’ tombstone.

He’s felt sorry to have let Xuxu down for so many years, and he felt sorry to have broken her heart time and again.

He combed the entire town and every hotel. He had finally managed to track down some information, but alas, the person had already checked out more than an hour ago.

Xuxu had stayed in this hotel for more than 10 days.

In fact, she had been here all this while.

Such a highly probable place, yet it came to his mind only at the very last. Not only did he need to reflect on his own mistake, but he also deserved to be shot too.

The town was bustling with activities in the day and tranquil at night. The shops were all closed for business early.

Yan Rusheng still dragged his luggage and walked around aimlessly.

She had been staying in the town for more than 10 days and left just when he arrived.

Was it fated to happen that their paths would cross, and yet they’re not destined to be together?

It must be that the heavens could not to tolerate it any longerthey didn’t want anyone to find her.