Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 600

Chapter 600 It Really Was Just A Couple Of Shots

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Yan Rusheng walked towards the door with no obstruction when suddenly, a 60-year-old man stepped in from outside and blocked his path.

“Mister, these photos are the historic relics of our town. You are not allowed to take them away.”

The old man smiled and politely explained.

“You must count your blessings that I didn’t sue you for infringing on my personality rights,” Yan Rusheng responded coldly. He carried his luggage and prepared to leave.

The old man shifted his steps and continued to block his path. “Oh? What do you mean?”

Yan Rusheng pointed to the little girl in the photo. “The girl in the photo is my spouse.”

She’s my wife.

After saying those words, he came to a sudden realization. His heart started to palpitate. There was also a baffling sense of pride.

He used to address her as ‘my wife’, ‘my woman’.

These were the common ways that men would address their girlfriends when they were in a relationship.

However, the term ‘spouse’ was formal and official. It normally appears when one is filling up a form or used in formal introductions.

Xuxu was his spouse. Xuxu was his spouse.

Yan Rusheng was emotionally stirred up, and he mumbled to himself.

Hearing this, the old man laughed and spoke nonchalantly. “The girl in the photograph came a few days ago, and she didn’t have any objections. Furthermore, the photographs had been on display for so many years, and I’ve never heard anything about infringement of personality rights.”

He paused for a moment and switched the topic without giving Yan Rusheng a chance to speak. “Young man, you can have this photograph if you want. You don’t have to be so brash with your words.”

“Then can I have this photo please?” Yan Rusheng softened his tone without any hesitation.

He wanted the photo. He didn’t want his Xuxu to be displayed like an exhibit for everyone to see.

Especially when it was such a precious photo of her when she was young.

“Alright.” The old man agreed right away.

But Yan Rusheng knew that there must be a condition attached. So he pursed his lips and remained silent, waiting for the old man to spell out his terms.

“I have a condition.”

As expected, Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows and smiled.

The old man smiled and continued, “Be the spokesperson of our shop.”

Yan Rusheng’s expression turned cold and aloof. “I’m sorry, but I don’t sell my face.”

With that, he raised his feet and decided to barge his way out.

The old man managed to stop him. “Then you can’t take this photo away.”

Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows coldly. “What if I insist?”

Face to face with this President’s overbearing and strong aura, the old man was calm and collected. “I’ve already told you the condition. You just need to upload some of your photographs onto our website to help us garner more publicity.”

Yan Rusheng twitched his eyebrows and his expression turned even colder.

All the tourists in the shop stopped looking at the photographs and fixed their attention on him as pressed his lips together.

Everyone felt anxious for the old man.

After all, the Third Young Master was capable of wrecking this small shop anytime. There’s nothing that money couldn’t do.


However, everyone’s jaw dropped when Young Master Yan nodded in agreement. A trace of annoyance flashed past his eyes and his face remained aloof-looking. “I’ll only give you half an hour.”

It was really just a couple of shots.

This was the first time that Yan Rusheng donned a shoddy suit. Although the quality of the material was rough, and it had made him uncomfortable, it didn’t affect the effect of the photos.

He still looked all poised and elegant.

However, the gel on his hair was the most unbearable that it made him feel like puking.