Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 601

Chapter 601 May Your Business Prosper

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Yan Rusheng stood outside the entrance of the photo studio. He posed in front of the photographer’s camera.

The onlookers increased as they crowded around the photo studio. The owner of the photo studio hired several police officers to maintain control.

“Come on, look at me!”

After snapping a few photos, the photographer displayed a victory pose. He urged Yan Rusheng to mimic him.

Yan Rusheng’s face fell!

Was this fellow trying to play a trick on him? How dare he make him do such childish poses?

The photographer realized that Yan Rusheng wasn’t moving and opened his mouth to urge him. “Hurry up, after this, we are done.”

After this, they are done

Yan Rusheng heard him and gritted his teeth with determination. He raised both hands and made the victory poses.

“Smile!” shouted the photographer.

Yan Rusheng forced a rather fake smile.

Was he even considered a photographer? Even old photographers aren’t so childish and ignorant like him!

The photographer had said that it would be the last photo, and Yan Rusheng immediately removed the outfit to change back into his own clothes. He picked up his luggage and was about to make a move.

He ignored everyone’s curious expressions as he gloomily walked towards the entrance of the small town.

“Young Master Yan, please hold on!” The photo studio owner came rushing after him.

Yan Rusheng halted his footsteps and waited for the old man to catch up. He knitted his eyebrows and cast a puzzled glance at the latter.

He was holding a red scarf in his hands. He said, “Yesterday, Xuxu came to visit me and she left the scarf here. Please return it to her.”

He handed the scarf to Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng looked at the red scarf and his heart skipped a beat.

He extended his hand to receive the scarf and instinctively, he bent and sniffed the scarf. It was soft and there was a faint scent on the scarf.

It made him long for more. A gentle smile appeared on his face.

“I’m so grateful to you, Young Master Yan. Our business hasn’t been doing well these two years.” The old man smiled at him.

He also meant to clarify that he was being forced to use Yan Rusheng as their ambassador to boost business.

Yan Rusheng stole a glance at the photo studio, and people crowded around it. This old man still had the cheek to say that his business was bad?

The old man guessed Yan Rusheng’s thoughts, and he explained, “We had an event these few days and for 200 yuan, we help customers take photos of the entire town. That’s why we had an increase in customers.”

Yan Rusheng didn’t respond to his explanation, and instead, he asked, “She”

He was afraid that the old man didn’t know who he was referring to, so he rephrased his question once more. “I mean Xuxu. When she dropped by, did she mention that she was leaving this town soon?”

The owner was perplexed. “Didn’t the two of you come together?”

Yan Rusheng tilted his head and slightly frowned.

The owner guessed what happened, and he gently smiled at Yan Rusheng. “She said that she and her friend would be going to the beach. The nearest beach should be Donghai.”

Yan Rusheng’s eyes lit up. “Mister, may your business prosper.”

So Xuxu went to the beach

His sudden wishes surprised the owner. By the time he snapped out of it, the tall young man was already several meters away. The old man shook his head with an amused expression.

The beach was the best place to watch a sunrise and Xuxu couldn’t help but agree.

She watched as the sun gradually rose and lit up the entire sky. It felt as though the sunlight was slowly entering her heart bit by bit as well.

After watching the sunrise, her mood turned substantially better.