Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 603

Chapter 603 We Cant Waste

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Did this lass call to express her ‘concern’ as well after seeing those circulated photos of him?

Yan Rusheng was wondering as he picked up the phone. Without waiting for him to speak, Su Yue loudly exclaimed, “Third Brother! My brother just uploaded a photo on Weibo. There was a figure in his photo which looked like Third sister-in-law.”

Yan Rusheng straightened his back with excitement. “Send it to me.”


Su Yue promptly ended the call.

Yan Rusheng anxiously stared at his phone. It had been more than two weeks since he had last seen her.

He would have had no idea if she had gained or lost weight.

No, how could she possibly gain weight? She was so heartbroken when she left.

Finally, his phone rang again. Yan Rusheng clicked Su Yue’s text and instantly, his heart seemed to be viciously tugged.

In the photo, there was a girl with short hair. Even though she was bundled up in a thick coat, she still seemed frail and tiny.

She lost weight. Xuxu had indeed lost weight.

Xuxu… Xuxu… his Xuxu.

Yan Rusheng lightly caressed the photo. How he wished he could enter the photo to embrace her.

These two weeks, he could only think and miss her. The excruciating pain of not being able to reach out to her was indescribable.

He finally understood that this was love. He couldn’t see her and it was heartrending.

Donghai town was a popular tourist spot, and it was a beautiful place to catch the sunrise. Many tourists would flock there to catch a glimpse of the famed scenery during summer.

Su Yan and Xuxu stayed at a fisherman’s place. During the summer, the fishermen would open up their houses to welcome the tourists as a source of income. During winter, they would rely on fishing to supplement their income.

Tourism boosted their incomes, and the fishermen lived a comfortable lifestyle. Their houses on the beach were like mini-mansions with two or three levels.

In the morning, their breakfast comprised of prawn crackers and porridge. The prawn crackers were fried that it was crispy and crunchy. Xuxu had three servings.

Su Yan didn’t like seafood too much. After he had a bowl of porridge, he sat and watched Xuxu as she ate.

He observed how she tore another prawn cracker with relish. Su Yan jerked his head and teased her. “If I didn’t witness this for myself, I wouldn’t believe how much you could really eat.”

Xuxu continued eating as she answered, “We’re setting off in a bit. If you get hungry midway, don’t expect me to wait for you on the road.”

Su Yan furrowed his eyebrows. “We have just reached here, and it’s too rushed to leave after watching the sunrise.”

“It’s winter now, and we can’t swim in the freezing waters. Besides catching the sunrise, what else can we do here?” Xuxu cast him a doubtful glance before diverting her attention back on her food.

Su Yan quipped, “I haven’t taken enough photos.”

Xuxu smiled. “You should come in summer again. There will be beautiful ladies flocking to you, and you will enjoy snapping away until you get a nosebleed.”

“I’m not interested in that stuff.” Su Yan bent and turned on his camera to admire the sunrise photos he had taken that morning.


Xuxu felt queasy all of a sudden and she wanted to throw up. She hastily grabbed the bowl of porridge and drank a mouthful.

She felt much better after drinking the porridge.

She shoveled the last bit of the prawn cracker in her mouth.

Su Yan watched her and the corners of his mouth twitched. “You’re still eating when you already feel like puking.”

“We can’t waste food.” Xuxu picked up her spoon and continued eating.

Su Yan was silent. “…”


Xuxu had barely placed the bowl on the table when her stomach churned once more. It felt different from earlier on. Everything she had just swallowed, including the porridge, seemed to be gushing out from her mouth.