Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 604

Chapter 604 Do You Have Any Other Dreams?

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Xuxu placed her bowl down, dashed to a trash can and began puking.

‘Blergh… Blergh…’

She had been eating non stop for half an hour, and now she had puked everything out.

Su Yan got her a cup of water and anxiously passed it to her. “Rinse out your mouth with this.”

He gently patted her back.

As he patted, he began to lecture her softly. “Look at you. No matter how delicious the food is, you shouldn’t binge-eat. Now it’s all wasted when you puked it out.”

Xuxu ignored him and rinsed out her mouth. But unexpectedly, she puked out some other stuff as well.

It was some yellowish stuff.

It struck Xuxu with a thought as she eyed the trash can in a reverie.

Su Yan’s heart was aching. He admonished her, “If you continue eating like this, your health will be at risk.”

Xuxu snapped out of her reverie and glared at Su Yan. “Be quiet, will you?”

She stood up and went to the dining table. After sitting down, she dabbed her mouth with tissues.

She grabbed another prawn cracker and began savoring it once more.

Su Yan shook his head helplessly when he saw her.

Xuxu ate only a little and didn’t puke afterward.

She had already packed her bag. After breakfast, she lugged it out from her room.

When she left the capital city, she didn’t bring anything along. All her belongings were what she had bought along the way.

Su Yan traveled light too; a huge backpack and a camera.

They bade the fisherman goodbye and left for the bus stop.

It was a sunny day that morning, it lifted up her mood. Xuxu’s face was facing the sun, and she had a bright smile.

Su Yan was rather surprised. He quickly snapped a photo of her.

He liked to take photos of beautiful scenery and people. He would admire them in his free time.

“Xuxu, come over to help me when we get back to the capital city,” Su Yan suddenly said.

Xuxu cast him an apprehensive look, but she continued walking. “You mean Grand Fashion?”

She continued without waiting for Su Yan to answer. “I don’t help others to organize their personal life nor to take care of miscellaneous stuff.”

She had indirectly rejected him.

She knew that Su Yan wasn’t joking, so she gave him a firm and thorough rejection.

“I’m not asking you to go to Grand Fashion,” Su Yan said patiently. “I want you to be the lady boss of my photography company.”

What he said had startled Xuxu. But she still spoke in a calm tone. “You opened your own company?”

This fellow was really unfathomable. How could he have done so many things within a month?

Su Yan nodded. “Mmm.”

Xuxu grinned. She asked, “Do you know the meaning of a lady boss?”

Su Yan was about to answer when Xuxu cut across him. “It means that she is the mother of the boss.”

She suppressed a grin as she tried to maintain a serious expression.

Regardless of how bad Su Yan’s Chinese was, he knew the definition of a lady boss.

He turned solemn and serious. “I’m not joking with you. You help me manage my company, and I’ll leave everything to you. You can do whatever you want and like.”

He continued again. “Xuxu, other than love, do you have any other dreams? Or things that you want to do.”

Other dreams…

A bitter smile played around Xuxu’s mouth for a moment before a bright smile replaced it. “Certainly! Earn more money!”

That was everyone’s dream by instinct.

Su Yan looked at her with a serious expression. “You can consider my proposal.”