Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 605

Chapter 605 Are You Pregnant?

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Xuxu smiled in response. “Thank you for the offer, but I’m not considering any jobs right now.”

Su Yan nodded. “I’ll welcome you any time after you’ve made up your mind. You can leave any time as well. Treat this as a well-deserved break for your soul.”

Xuxu tightly pressed her lips and kept mum.

They reached the bus stop and the bus going to Donghai train station came on time.

They boarded the bus and paid for their ride.

Xuxu found an empty seat and sat down, while Su Yan stood beside her. He held on to the handrail for support as he watched her closely.

“Where shall we go next?”

Xuxu pondered for a moment before answering. “Let’s head back to the capital city.”

Su Yan was rather taken aback. “So soon?”

The nearby cities had famous tourist spots. Their original plan was to tour all these cities before heading back home.

Xuxu peered down at her hands. She then mumbled, “I’m a little tired, and I miss my grandfather as well.”

Her hands unconsciously touched her tummy as mixed emotions swirled in her eyes.

The bus journey to the train station takes about more than an hour. It also briefly stopped at certain stops.

Xuxu became a little giddy as the ride was a little bumpy. Her stomach was churning once more.

She leaned against the window and covered her mouth with a hand.

“Are you feeling unwell?” asked Su Yan anxiously when he noticed her pale face.

Xuxu shook her head. “I’m fine. I might have eaten too much this morning, and it could be indigestion.”

She had barely finished speaking when she felt something gushing from her throat to her mouth.

She stopped herself from puking. She gave Su Yan a look and pointed at the bus driver.

Su Yan hastily shouted, “Stop the bus!”

After the bus driver had stopped the vehicle, Xuxu bolted for the exit. Once she got off the bus, she held onto a lamppost for support and started puking.

Su Yan watched Xuxu and finally, a thought struck him. He asked her rather apprehensively, “Xuxu, are you… pregnant?”

Xuxu didn’t answer and rummaged through her bag for wet tissues. She pulled out one and wiped her mouth. “Come on, let’s walk there.”

Su Yan was startled. “Walk?”

They had traveled half an hour by bus earlier on, and they still had at least half an hour before reaching the train station. If they commute on foot, they will need more than an hour.

Xuxu answered softly, “Let’s walk for a while.”

The thought of taking the bus ride made her feel like puking once more.

Su Yan nodded. He glanced at her backpack and then stretched his hand to take it from her. “I’ll carry it for you.”

Seeing how frail and weak she looked, it seemed that a strong gust of wind would sweep her off her feet.

Xuxu felt really terrible, and her bag was heavy with her belongings. She didn’t reject and passed it on to him.

Su Yan turned on his GPS. He began to navigate their way.

His phone rang and Su Yue was calling.

He glanced at Xuxu before answering the call. He whispered, “Hello.”

He purposely slowed down so that Xuxu would be ahead of him.

Before reaching the beach, one could already catch a whiff of the salty seawater.

Yan Rusheng sat in a taxi. He was too restless to admire the scenery. He asked the driver, “Is this place huge?”

He wasn’t chatting but merely trying to check the popular tourist spots so that he could analyze which places would Xuxu might be.

“Yes,” the driver answered. “But if you want to catch the sunrise, the good spots are limited.”

Yan Rusheng asked again, “Is it crowded in winter?”

It was his first time taking a taxi and chatting with a driver. He tried his best to be courteous for fear that the driver might get annoyed with his questions.