Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Don't Let Your Heart Suffer Any Grievances

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The driver replied, “It’s less crowded in the winter since it’s too cold to swim. Usually, the tourists are here to admire the sunrise in the winter.”

The coastal roads were clean and wide.

Yan Rusheng understood why tourists would flock there. He slumped back on the seat.

He didn’t sleep the whole night well, and his flu began to get worse. His head felt heavy.

He massaged his forehead and temples, trying to analyze where would Xuxu be at the moment.

‘In the winter, tourists could only catch the sunrise…’

He suddenly thought of something. He turned his face towards the driver. “Please turn back.”

His sudden request had the driver taken aback. In doubt, the driver asked, “Why?”

“Go to the airport…” Yan Rusheng stopped mid-way and abruptly changed his mind. “No, go to the train station. Back to the train station.”

The driver was now confused. “The train station earlier?”

Yan Rusheng forgot that every city had several train stations. He asked, “How many train stations are there in Donghai?”

“Donghai City Train Station and Donghai South Station,” the driver patiently elaborated. “The one I picked you up earlier was the Donghai South Station. It’s newly built, so it has high speed rails and motor vehicles. There are trains too but not as many. Donghai City Train Station is the older station, but it also has high speed rails.”

Yan Rusheng contemplated for a short moment before speaking in a determined manner. “To the old train station.”

“Sure.” The driver nodded, and he made a detour after a traffic junction.

Yan Rusheng leaned back on the seat and shut his eyes. His head was painfully throbbing again.

He lightly bumped his fist on his forehead.

‘Ah Sheng, let’s take the train and we can sleep on board. Sleeping on the train should feel like sleeping in a cradle that’s being swayed. We can also admire the scenery of various cities. How wonderful!’

‘You can take the train if you like, I’m won’t. Why should I waste my time on such a long journey?’

Xuxu, you’ve always given in to me in the past.

Hopefully, you haven’t changed because what I know about you was simply too little.

Su Yan couldn’t bear to see Xuxu walk for such a long distance. So, he flagged for a taxi after a while.

Xuxu had puked out everything in her stomach, and she barely had any strength left. He was worried that she might get carsick, so he advised her to sit in the front.

She removed her scarf and unzipped her coat. She propped her head against the car window and promptly shut her eyes.

“Xuxu, did you use your phone recently?”

Su Yan had asked. Her eyelids fluttered as she lazily answered, “No, I didn’t.”

Actually, she had been using her phone, but with a different number.

Su Yan glanced at his phone and said, “Yan Rusheng went to N City, to the town we just left.”

Xuxu kept her eyes closed. Her eyelids didn’t even flutter as she fell silent.

Su Yan was about to pass her the phone, but when he saw that she didn’t respond at all, he retracted his hand.

He said, “Xuxu, I feel that your previous lifestyle was too restrained. You’ve never done the things that you like. I reckon that other than the slaves in medieval times who didn’t have freedom, everyone else should be able to do whatever they like. People should force themselves to do the things they don’t enjoy doing. In a nutshell, don’t let your heart suffer any grievances.”

Xuxu kept her eyes closed with her lips tightly pressed together. She remained impassive.

Don’t let your heart suffer any grievances…

After mulling over his words, her mouth curled with a bitter smile.