Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 607

Chapter 607 Definitely Can't Miss Her

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Xuxu admired Su Yan’s way of thinking, but… she didn’t really yearn for it.

Perhaps it was because he had lived abroad for many years, and the culture differed from theirs. He would naturally be influenced to be more open-minded and positive.

Other than traffic junctions, the taxi didn’t stop but traveled smoothly. Xuxu could take a nap without being interrupted and woke up only when they reached the train station.

It wasn’t a peak season, so there weren’t too many tourists and the station wasn’t very crowded.

They had arrived at N city on a bus ride.

Her entire journey consisted of bus rides or taxi rides. That way she could avoid leaving any traces of her presence at the rail network and at the same time, she could also enjoy the scenery along the way.

Earlier on, they had already booked the train tickets back to the capital city.

Su Yan carried his backpack on his back. He also carried Xuxu’s bag in his hand as they got down from the taxi.

Although it wasn’t crowded, they could still see a few commuters around.

There was a queue at every automatic ticket vending machine.

“Xuxu, wait for me here. I’ll go collect the tickets.” Su Yan placed the bags beside Xuxu and left to join the queue.

Xuxu took her phone from her bag and glanced at the time.

Whenever she had free time during the trip, she would choose to read instead of using her phone to read about the news.

She had already bought three books during this trip.

It had been a few days since she last read any articles, and she would instantly tune herself out regarding any news articles and choose to ignore the updates.

Just like usual, the moment she switched on her phone, there were several news article notifications.

Today’s notifications included a familiar name, and she chose to overlook it.

“What time is the train? Is it at the Donghai City train station?” Yan Rusheng reached the station, but he didn’t get down from the taxi.

After the person on the other line answered and confirmed with him, he hurriedly opened the door. Without glancing at the taximeter, he gave several hundred yuan to the driver.

He strode with big steps towards the train station while he was still on the line. “11.50 a.m.?”

“I got it.”

After he had verified the information, eagerness and anticipation could clearly be seen on Yan Rusheng’s face. He bolted towards the train station.

They had already helped him check Xuxu’s purchase of ticket record. He was right after all—she had chosen the old train station, and this was the right one.

This time, he definitely can’t miss her.

The news cheered up Yan Rusheng. His eyes frantically darted around. Amidst the crowd, he was looking for the person he had been dearly missing.

After reading Zhou Shuang and Su Yue’s texts, Xuxu stowed her phone back inside her bag once more.

She raised her head and glanced at Su Yan who was still in the queue. It seemed like he would still take a while.

She opened her bag and took out her water bottle. She was just about to drink some.

“Son, don’t be so playful. Be careful! Stop…”

An anxious voice belonging to a woman sounded behind her.

Instinctively, Xuxu turned around and saw a boy on a scooter as he was coming in her direction at a high speed. Her eyes were huge with shock.

She hastily avoided him in time.

But her movements were too big that she spilled most of the water from the bottle in her hand. The floor was slippery, and she missed her footing and fell backward.