Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Dont You Dare Mistreat Him

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Xuxu finished reading the entire chapter and her eyes felt tired. After placing a bookmark in between the pages to mark her place, she put the book away and yawned before turning her eyes to the window.

Her gaze accidentally swept past Su Yan. She was visibly stumped for a moment before regaining her composure.

Su Yan grinned and waved at her. “Good afternoon, Xuxu.”

Xuxu disregarded him and averted her gaze away from his face.

“What’s wrong? Why did you ignore me again? How have I offended you?” Su Yan got up and leaped down from his bed.


“Oh my!”

Su Yan was about to move closer to Xuxu when he heard a scream behind him.

He turned and looked behind. The old lady seated on the bed was leaning against the wall. She was patting her chest with one hand, and her face was pale from fright.

When Su Yan turned to look at her, the old lady loudly berated him. “You rascal, are you seeking death? You almost scared me to death when you suddenly jumped down.”

“I’m sorry,” politely apologized Su Yan.

After that, he turned and looked at Xuxu again. He was just in time to catch a smile appearing on Xuxu’s face.

He walked over and said, “How nice to see you smile, so don’t bother to conceal it.”

Xuxu ignored him and replied nonchalantly, “I’m going to have my meal. Do you want to join me?”

It overwhelmed Su Yan with joy to have received her invitation. He thought that he might have heard wrong and reconfirmed with her. “Are you inviting me to have a meal with you?”

“Forget it if you’re not keen.” Having said that, Xuxu placed her feet on the floor. She put on her shoes as she tidied up her clothes and hair at the same time.

She took her purse and was about to walk out.

Su Yan immediately responded, “No, of course, I’m keen. I’m famished.”

He stole a glance at Yan Rusheng, who was on the upper bed. He was still and sleeping soundly.

He had no intention to ask him along. Otherwise, everyone wouldn’t be able to have their meals in peace.

The two of them left the room. The restaurant was next to carriage No. 10.

As it wasn’t mealtime yet, there were only a few people in the restaurant. Xuxu moved forward and found a table. She sat down with Su Yan facing her.

When both of them had taken their seats, Su Yan looked at Xuxu. “Speak. What do you want to say to me?”

Hearing this, Xuxu was visibly started. “How do you know that I have things to say to you?”

Su Yan rolled his eyes at her. “First, you ignored me and then you invited me for a meal all of a sudden. I’m not brainless, so obviously I know that you couldn’t have suddenly changed and become so warm towards me.”

Xuxu smiled and didn’t deny. “Don’t tell anyone that I threw up.”

Su Yan was not in the least surprised and asked, “You intend to hide it from him?”

Xuxu pressed her lips together and remained silent.

Seeing the determined look in her eyes, Su Yan answered with an ‘ok’ and curled his lips. “I’m not one who tells tales or betrays people.”

“Ha.” Xuxu chuckled and withheld further comments.

Su Yan knitted his eyebrows. “Why did you laugh?”

He felt a little guilty.

Without waiting for Xuxu to respond, Su Yan looked at her tummy. “But if you are really pregnant, the little fellow in your tummy is also my brother too. So don’t you dare mistreat him.”

Xuxu was speechless…

If one who grew up in a foreign country wasn’t well-versed with the local language, then so be it. But when it comes to the family hierarchy between countries, how could there be such a huge discrepancy as well?

She didn’t correct Su Yan’s mistaken notion about the family hierarchy.

The waiter brought over the menus for them to take a look. There were only a few dishes available.

Xuxu ordered a tomato and egg soup, hot and sour potato, and a beef brisket potato stew.