Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 612

Chapter 612 I'm Not A Doctor

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Those were enough for two people.

“Order two more items.” Su Yan suddenly snatched the menu. “Add one more braised Crucian carp and a shiitake mushroom with choy sum.”

After that, he handed the menu back to the restaurant waitress.

Su Yan knew what was going on in Xuxu’s mind. She had pressed her lips together and didn’t utter a word any further.

The food arrived. Xuxu picked up her chopsticks and heartily tucked in.

She had thrown up all her food earlier. Thankfully, she didn’t puke again after polishing up two bowls of rice.

After they had finished eating, Su Yan turned and signaled to the waitress at the bar counter. “Waitress, bring over some takeaway containers. I want to pack the leftovers.”

His dashing looks made the young waitress’ heart skip a beat, and she blushed with embarrassment. She swiftly brought over some empty containers.

Su Yan filled up three containers with the leftover food. He then ordered another bowl of rice from the waitress to take away as well.

Xuxu didn’t wait for him and left.

She had no idea why stories in television programs and novels always portrayed family and love relationships of the wealthy to be so complicated and cold.

Yet, the members of the Yan family had perfectly shown that family relationships are of greater importance than anything else.

After she had eaten her fill, Xuxu didn’t immediately return to her room. Instead, she stood at the room door and gazed out of the window. It was 3 p.m. and the sun broke through the clouds.

The sun rays fell on the crops on the farmland outside.

She raised her hands and stretched herself.

“Xuxu, why are you standing here?” Su Yan came back from the restaurant after packing the food.

He had barely finished his sentence when the train hit a railway junction and swayed for a moment. Xuxu immediately reached for the door frame to balance herself.

Su Yan furrowed his eyebrows again. “You better go in quickly and sit down.”

After saying that, he pulled the door open and went in.

But Xuxu didn’t follow suit and continued to look out of the window.

“Old Third Master, time for your meal.”

Su Yan’s voice sounded in the room.

The way he addressed him could make one burst out laughing.

“Yan Rusheng!” Su Yan shouted at Yan Rusheng. Seeing no reaction from him, he gave him a nudge. “I’ve brought some food for you. Do you want to eat?”

Yan Rusheng suddenly lifted his hand and impatiently shooed him away. “Get lost.”

His voice was hoarse and dry as if he hadn’t drunk for a long time.

Su Yan frowned and felt something was amiss. He stretched forth his hand and touched Yan Rusheng’s forehead. “It’s burning.”

“You are running a fever.” He grabbed Yan Rusheng’s shoulder and turned him over to lie on his back. He saw that his face had turned red from the fever.

“Scram.” Yan Rusheng was drowsy and impatiently responded. “So noisy. Leave me alone.”

Su Yan could tell that he was spouting nonsense.

As he didn’t have any experiences taking care of someone, he cast a look at Xuxu who was standing outside. “Xuxu, he’s running a fever.”

When Xuxu heard this, she turned around at looked at Su Yan. She nonchalantly replied, “I’m not a doctor.”

After that, she turned back and continued looking outside.

Witnessing Xuxu’s attitude, Su Yan figured that she might have really turned callous and didn’t care anymore.

After some deliberation, he said, “Let me ask the train attendant for some fever medicine.”

It felt like he was mumbling to himself and at the same time saying to Xuxu.

He left the room and walked towards the direction of the dining carriage.

“Xuxu, Xuxu…” Initially, Yan Rusheng was sleeping soundly but was awakened up by Su Yan. Perhaps he was feeling uncomfortable from the fever. He licked his lips and kept tossing and turning on the bed.

It seemed that he couldn’t find a comfortable position.

He was murmuring Xuxu’s name, and his voice was hoarse as if his vocal cords were burnt and had cracked.

Xuxu stood still and fixed her eyes on the frost covered field; her expression was cold and distant.