Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Please Watch Over Him For A While

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“There are so many commuters on the train and the journey takes more than 10 hours. How can there be no fever medicine available at all? This is ridiculous.”

Su Yan went to ask for a fever medicine but without success. He grumbled as he walked.

One could tell that he was worried.

When he passed by Xuxu, he halted his steps and noticed that she was still calm and collected. He resumed his steps and entered the room.

“Third Brother, sit up quickly and have some water.”

Xuxu’s cup was on the table. Su Yan conveniently took it and placed it in Yan Rusheng’s hand.

He attempted to prop him up on the bed.

“You are too noisy. Get lost.”

Yan Rusheng brushed off Su Yan’s good intentions and forcefully shoved his hands away. The cup of water spilled all over the place.

After that, he gripped the blanket between his legs. He turned around with his back facing Su Yan. “Xuxu, Xuxu, don’t make a noise.”

He repeatedly called out Xuxu’s name.

Su Yan knew that Xuxu must have appeared in his dreams because he had been thinking about her all day long. The fever must have made him muddle-headed and dazed.

But in the face of this situation, what should he do?

He felt helpless, yet he couldn’t ignore Yan Rusheng—his body was burning. Hence, he turned his eyes to Xuxu once again. “Xuxu, can you teach me how to bring down his fever?”

Before Xuxu could respond, the old lady on the next bed suddenly spoke. “Bring some warm water over. Do you have a towel as well?”

Su Yan looked at the old lady and immediately nodded. “Yes, I have a towel.”

He took his bag down from his bed and rummaged through it for a towel. Following the old lady’s instructions, he wet the towel and placed it on Yan Rusheng’s forehead.

After a while, the old lady spoke again. “You’ll need to rinse the towel and reapply.”

Su Yan acted according to the old lady’s instructions and repeatedly ran back and forth.

After half an hour, the old lady got down from her bed. She stretched out her hand to feel Yan Rusheng’s forehead. She exclaimed, “Oh dear. He’s still running a high fever and can’t do without medication.”

Su Yan got anxious when he heard this. “But there isn’t any fever medicine on board.”

In his anxiousness, his non-fluent mandarin sounded even less fluent.

“Dear commuters, our train is arriving at…”

Just then, there was an announcement informing that the train was approaching the next stop.

Hearing the announcement, Su Yan thought for a moment and dashed out. A train attendant, who was dragging a piece of luggage, walked out of a room from the other end. He immediately ran up to him. “Comrade, may I know for how long will the train be stopping at the next station?”

The train attendant replied, “It’s a major station. Hence, it will stop for approximately 7-8 minutes.”

“Okay, thank you.” Su Yan thanked the attendant in English before asking again, “Is there any pharmacy at the train station?”

When the train attendant heard Su Yan asking for a pharmacy, he asked with concern. “What happened?”

Su Yan said, “My friend is running a high fever, and the temperature doesn’t seem to be going down.”

The train attendant replied, “Oh. You can approach the train manager to help you ask around for any fever medicine available.”

Su Yan asked, “Isn’t there a pharmacy at the train station?”

When it comes to medication, he felt that it’s unsafe to consume it if it’s not supplied by the carriage.

“Hey!” The train attendant thought for a moment and nodded his head. “There is a sickbay, so there could be some fever or flu medication.”

Su Yan smiled and thanked him. “Thank you.”

The train had pulled to a stop. He went back and walked over to Xuxu. “I’m getting off the train to buy medicine for him. Please help me watch over him for a while.”

He knew very well that Xuxu wouldn’t respond with the answer he wanted to hear. Hence, he didn’t wait for her to reply. He immediately turned around and walked towards the door.